Summary: Strengthening our faith by trusting in God

Returning the Glory

Psalms 34:11-20

In I Samuel 21, we see Saul adamantly pursuing David. David at this juncture in his life is continuing to flee. He is hiding in one cave after another, hoping that Saul will not overtake him in the night. Our passage of scripture looks to when David was somewhere around the Dead Sea. He has begun to grow weary. His faith has become very weak.

David is in the presence of the King of the Philistines, Achish. He remembers the songs that the people used to sing, “Saul has killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands”. For fear of his own life, David portrays that he is insane. In turn Achish sees him, and demands that David be sent away from his presence. He wanted nothing to do with this mad man.

Once again, David finds that his life was spared. He returned to the wilderness. As David bedded down that night, propping his head on the nearest rock pillow, I wonder what thoughts were running through his mind. I wonder if during his sleeplessness if he thought, “I should have trusted God”.

Many times we find ourselves in uncomfortable positions in life. Whether these circumstances were brought upon us because of sin. Whether we are experiencing them because of poor choices that we have made. Whether they are a result of the afflictions brought upon us by another. Or perhaps they are simply the result of being unfaithful to God. We try…and we try…only to like David, begin to grow weary. We try and try…only to like David, see our faith in God weaken. This leads to us, like David, to taking matters into our own hands. Many of us will choose to lie, to cheat, to steal, to use what ever means are necessary to get us out of this uncomfortable circumstance, and to get us back to the place of comfort and rest that we once felt.

The result…we lie awake at night…nestled under the covers. Sure we are warm. Sure we are safe. Yet how many of us find ourselves thinking the same thing that David was possibly thinking that night… “I should have trusted God”!

In V:1-10, we see that David has come back to his senses, for he is leading the people in praise. They are giving credit to God, the real reason David’s life had been spared on so many occasions.

In V:11-22, David instructs and calls to remembrance some truths that will help us to not grow weary, but to mount up with wings of eagles and fly. That will help us to stand firm in our faith and not grow weary. That above all else will lead us to trust in the Lord…the source of our strength, deliverance, and power!


There has got to be a time when we say that enough is enough. A time when we are willing to draw a line in the sand and determine that with God’s help we will no longer live the way we are living. We will no longer follow down the path we are currently on. If you are without Jesus today, friend, you are walking in darkness, Jesus says to open up your heart and let him be the light of your life. Maybe today you are a Christian, and you have examined your life, and you see that you are living exactly the same way today that you lived before you accepted Christ as Savior. To you, the Bible is clear, when Paul says that when he became a man he put away childish things. In other words, when he accepted Christ, he examined his life, and decided that some of his language, his actions, and his thoughts had to go. Paul drew the line and departed from those things that were not pleasing unto God.

I ask you today, do you want to stand? Do you want your faith to be strong in God? Do you want the ability to trust God with everything you face in life? If so, the beginning of the solution is this: Search your heart, and depart from all things that are not pleasing unto God.


Why is it today that we see so many people walking around our great country who feel alone? So many people who claim that they are lost. So many people who feel that they have been abandoned by everyone or thing that they have come in contact with? The reason is simple…I believe that these people have forgotten a very vital truth in life, and that is God is interested in them! That’s right, the creator of the universe…the alpha and omega…the Lord of Lords and King of Kings is interested in you!

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