Summary: This is an amillenial veiw of the book of Revelation. I believe that this is a book that has been carnally looked upon for too long. God gave this vision to John under the annointing of the Holy Spirit, therefore we must read it under the annointing. T

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Revelation 1:1-20

Revelation is an act of revealing; a manifestation of truth; to uncover or unveil something that was one time covered. The title Revelation, was translated from the word Apocalypse. To many people, this word speaks to them of the end of time. That is not what this word implies. Apocalypse is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind. That should speak something very important to you and I. There was a time when there were things were hidden from mankind. For instance, in Daniel 12:1-9, Daniel is given a vision, and then says, And I heard, but I understood not. God had a special relationship with Daniel, but he told him to seal these words. Certainly we can say that there were many things hidden in the Old Testament scriptures. The bible says in Galatians 4:21-22, that the Old Testament is an allegory to the New Covenant. An allegory is a work in which the characters or events are to be understood as representing other things and symbolically expressing a deeper, spiritual meaning. Since Christ fulfilled the Old Testament, we see a deeper, more spiritual meaning to the Old Testament. I have heard people say that if you say that the Old testament has been fulfilled, that you are taking out 2/3 of the bible. I say if it hasn’t been fulfilled, you take away 2/3 of the bible. In Revelation 22:10, John was told to not seal the book. Christ opened all things to our understanding.

It is very obvious in the church world today that Revelation is a book that we have tried to stay away from. I have been saved for 18 years and have said on many occasions that this book is too deep for me, yet I’ve tried to pick and pull things out of that I do understand. The first key that I see to understanding this book is to realize the purpose that it was written. It was not written to confuse or to make things harder for us to understand. It was written to make things become clearer to us.

As Christ walked the earth, he was an open book. He was daily revealing himself to the disciples and to those who followed. He had foretold to his church in many scriptures that he was going to lay down his life, but he would raise it up in three days. That was still not enough for some. The two men on the road to Emmaus for example. Luke 24:13-35. The bible says that they walked with Jesus for about seven miles. Jesus spoke and taught them on the way, yet they still didn’t know that this was Christ. The bible even says that Jesus opened the scriptures up to them and starting with Moses and the prophets “he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself”, yet they still didn’t realize who this was, even though their “hearts burned within them” when he spoke. Then, as Jesus was getting ready to depart, they constrained him to sit and to tarry with them. The bible says as they sat down at the table, Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it and then gave unto them to eat. The bible says that in this, they knew him. No doubt they remembered the things they had heard of Christ. Maybe how as the young lad handed him the bread and the fish, that he took, blessed, broke and gave the multitude the bread. Or how that when he sat down for the last meal with his disciples that he took the bread, blessed it, broke and gave to the disciples.

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Michael Callihan

commented on Aug 16, 2008

These are the precious truths of Gods Precious word that most look over because they look at it carnal,and can not understand it spiritual. GOOD JOB

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