Summary: Rev Study Step by Step Chapter 4 THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD


The Lord’s personal message to the individual churches is now over. He has told them who He is, pointed out their failures, and warned and counseled them to correct their failures. He has also given them the great promises of heaven if they will only overcome.

Now it is time for the churches to see the future events that are coming upon the earth, it is time for the churches to know that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth. He is going to end the world the way we know it and establish the kingdom of God forever and ever.

Revelation 4: 1 – 2

John is given the Vision. 5 Quick things happened to John.

1. He saw the door open in heaven.

- What he was about to see was coming from heaven, from God Himself?

- The future events were not of his own imagination.

a- There are 3 doors mentioned in Revelation

Door 1 The Open Door for evangelism & missions, the door, which God opens to the churches for bearing witness to the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the opportunity that God opens for them to carry the gospel to their neighbors, communities, cities, states, and countries and the world. (Rev 3:8)

Door 2 The Door of the Human Heart. When believers carry the message of the gospel to their neighbors, it is then up to the individual person to open the door of his or her heart & receive the gospel. The decision is the neighbor’s. Every person has a door that has to be opened before Christ will enter – the door of their heart. (Rev 3:20)

Door 3 The Door of Revelation. Once a person has opened the door of their heart to Christ, Christ reveals the glorious things of Himself, of God, of heaven, and of this world. In addition, Christ reveals some of the events that are to take place as history unfolds itself – some of the vents that surround the return of Christ and the end time. (Rev 4:1)

2. He heard a commanding voice.

The very same voice he had heard in Rev Chapter 1 Verse 10

3. He was called to come up here into heaven

Why!! The reason is clearly stated: to see future events things that must take place.

The word MUST is a mist important word. The events of world history are not by chance. They do not simply happen. They are of God; They are according to His divine will. God is sovereign. He rules over the word,

4. He was immediately in the spirit.

- He was having a deep, intense spiritual experience with God.

5. He saw the most astounding sight imaginable.

- God & the throne of God,

- John definitely declares that He saw God sitting n the Throne.

God’s throne is the throne above all thrones. It is the supreme seat of honor and majesty, of sovereignty and power. God is the supreme Majesty of’ the universe, the One who controls and holds all the events of history in His hands. He is the Supreme Authority"’ over all the world and the coming events of the end time. No person can cause the events to take place but Him,

4:2-3 Described God: there is the sight of God sitting upon the great throne of God.

An astounding thing. The appearance of the One on the throne is so glorious and majestic that He is indescribable. No human shape can describe Him. God is described in terms of light, the dazzling light of the most precious gems and jewels of that day. He is seen in all of His brilliance and dazzling splendor (Ps.I04: 2; 1 Tim.6: 16; 1).

The jewels chosen to describe God proclaim a marvelous message to the hearer. They were considered the most brilliant and the most valued, precious, and desired gems on earth. Thus God is seen and described as the most brilliant and valued, precious, and desired Being-a Being of indescribable glory and splendor

ð The countenance of God shone like a jasper stone. The stone referred to was different from the jasper stone of today. The idea is that the stone was some sort of translucent crystal through which light was shining. It was shining so brightly that it was apparently like the concentrated light of a laser. This represents the penetrating perfection and purity of God.

ð The sardine stone was a fiery red stone and it represents the justice of God.

ð The rainbow that surrounded the throne looked like emerald green. This represents the mercy of God and the new covenant of grace given to man by God.

Rev 4.: 4 Elders of Revelation: there is the sight of twenty-four elders sitting around the throne of God. Look what is said about the elders

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