Summary: Study of the Book of Revelation

Revelation, Part 12

Revelation 8:1-13


Last time, we concluded with the importance of the 144,000 sealed

We discussed these souls being sealed to deliver God’s word to all the nations

These come from the 12 tribes of Israel – 12,000 from each

When they are finished preaching, the final souls who have been martyred for their belief will be brought from under the altar and before the throne

These souls receive their reward, their glorified bodies, and God’s judgment on humanity is about to begin


Read Revelation 8:1-5

I. A pause in heaven

The pause in time can be thought of as Heaven actually holding its breath!

All of Heaven is in awe of what God is about to do, and this also allows the earth to think about what it has done.

The first six seals bring about horrible judgment to all of the earth, and now humans are given one more option to think about their mortality.

Remember that the first 6 seals brought about the death of ¼ of the population

This pause also allows the inhabitants of the Earth to think one more time about their eternal choice – again.

Imagine Heaven actually holding its breath in awe of God’s power!

II. Angels at the Throne

We see that there are 7 angels standing at the throne of God, and they are waiting God’s command to carry out the trumpet judgments

The censor would hold the fire when combined with incense; a fragrant smoke would ascend upward. This was a picture of the priestly office, and the smoke represented the prayers and worship going toward heaven.

The altar of incense before the holy of holies was a picture of the original located in

Heaven, but in ancient times the high priest would go before the altar of the Lord and offer up the prayers of the repentant and ask for God’s forgiveness. This same act of asking for forgiveness is being demonstrated here in Heaven.

During this time in the tribulation, many of the new believers are being pursued and killed. Their prayers have come before God’s throne, and God has heard them – this could be symbolic of those prayers being brought before the Lord.

God is about to answer the persecution of his saints with His judgment on the Earth.

We need to understand that God created it all, and He can most certainly destroy it all. If you are in Heaven during this time, I feel that we will see God’s judgment on the Earth, in order to fully understand his power and authority.

Read Revelation 8:6-13

III. The Sounding of the Trumpets

Trumpets are loud – they are jarring – and they get your attention when one is blown. God is using these trumpets to get the attention of the Earth. A trumpet is also used to signal the rapture of the church (1 Thess 4:16) – here God is going to use these trumpets to get the attention of those on the Earth

The First Trumpet

The first 4 trumpets are judgments on the physical earth (trees, swea, etc.)

In the first trumpet, we see hail, fire and blood!

I believe we are witnessing the very foundation of the Earth being destroyed – perhaps volcanoes erupting further from the opening of the 6th seal.

Heaven is raining hail, fire, and blood on the Earth – punishment for the wicked that continue to disobey God.

The Second Trumpet

The second trumpet I believe brings a giant meteor to the Earth!

This meteor (or mountain as John sees it) lands in an ocean (some body of water) and sends a tital wave that destroys another 1/3 of the sea and its inhabitants!

Scientists have said for decades that the dinosaurs were killed off by a giant meteor (crashed south of Mexico – 6 miles wide) – so here we are seeing a foreshadowing that it will happen again!

The Third Trumpet

A great star – an asteroid

Wormwood is translated to mean bitter or bitterness

This asteroid could be part of the first that broke off – but it will be toxic in nature – destroying the drinking water.

No one can live without water. Our body is 98% water, because water is something that we need to have in our body to survive.

Bitter water is certainly not going to be something you want to drink!

Without water, death will follow.

The Fourth Trumpet

Because of the first three trumpets, the Earth will be in a terrible state! Volcanic ash, debris, and smoke will fill the skies and 1/3 of the Heavenly bodies will be darkened out.

We used the example of Mt St Helens exploding and how that turned the area into night, and with 1/3 of the stars, sun, and moon being darkened – certainly this an event that is on a global level!

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