Summary: Study of the Book of Revelation

Revelation, Part 38

Rev 19:17 – 20:15


Prepare for war against the devil – just as we are called to do today

Point 1 – Satan captured (v19-21)

- He is the great deceiver – are you or have you been deceived?

- Has he been able to trick you lately -- To get you to do something not from God?

- Have you said that you have done enough and saved enough; Really?

- All will answer to the judgment of Jesus Christ

-- Killed or captured; God is still in control

-- Do you need to be released?

Point 2 – Satan has no power (v1-10)

- God’s authority binds Satan for 1,000 years

- God’s authority binds Satan NOW! (Job 1:12)

-- Satan was under God’s control then, and that has never stopped

-- You give him what he needs; not vice versa (he cannot take it from you)

-- Satan has taken enough; don’t give him anymore

-- Bring him under the authority of Jesus Christ; under Christ’s control in your life!

-- Satan is bound for 1,000 years ... what if God bound him for 100 days in your life, what would you do with that time?

-- Would that be enough to spread the Gospel?

Point 3 – Salvation is vital for all (v11-15)

- Worst verses in bible for the believer – it signifies the end of the unsaved

- Judgment is inevitable

- Great White Throne

-- No more mercy; only judgment for all sinners

-- Nothing and no one will be able to hide from God’s judge

-- All are brought before God’s Throne; before God’s Son, Jesus Christ

--- Cremated; drowned; destroyed; God knows where each part is

--- He can bring it all back together to face His judgment

-- Death and Hades (holding place) thrown to lake of fire

- V15; Are you in the book?

- Is your Family? Are your friends? Your co-workers? There is no more time to delay

- Luke 6:43 and Matthew 7:15 discuss the fruit of the believer

-- Is there fruit coming from you? Can you not give to Christ to avoid judgment?

-- Deeds are not fruit; fruit is of the Spirit of God


Salvation is for all that willingly receive; but they have to have it given to them!

Can you give the salvation of Christ to others so that they can be saved?

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