Summary: Study of the Book of Revelation

Revelation, Part 5

Revelation 3:7 – 3:22


Once again, our theme of this study has been 2 Tim 4:2 says “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.”

Remember that in all of this, the constant is Jesus Christ. Heb 13:8 – Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Over the last two weeks we have looked at 5 of the 7 churches, and today we will finish with the last two and also finish what is called, The Church Age.


I. Church of Philadelphia

Read Chapter 3:7-13

Jesus holds the keys of David – reference to His lineage again

Again, Jesus said He knows the church; it this is because He cares so much about the church. It is because He holds the churches in His hand, that there is a chance to repent and turn away.

This church though, has an open door that no man can shut – because God has opened it

Even though this church is tired, they have continued to fight and remain faithful!

We talked about those who are fake two weeks ago – those who call themselves faithful to God and that Jesus says they are from the Synagogue of Satan. They are liars, filled with deceit and without remorse for their actions. Jesus Himself says that he will make even that fall down and worship the true and living God, and admit that He is the I Am!

Romans 14:11 – Every knee shall bow …

Re-read verse 10 – Promise that this church would NOT see the tribulation! This is the church that we want to align ourselves with. We do not want to go through the tribulation, for the times coming after Jesus returns

Hold fast so that NO ONE will remove their crown, they are encouraged to finish the race

To be made a pillar means that you will never leave the sanctity and protection of the temple of God – they will be sanctified in God’s eyes forever, and be made a permanent place in God’s house.

This church will be SEALED with the name of God written on them! Since that name is the name above all other names, to be sealed with the name of God is sacred!

This church will have a place in the New Jerusalem of Chapter 21 – eternal security!!

II. Church of Laodicea

Read Chapter 3: 14-22

The words of ‘the amen’ – Amen means I agree, and this is agreement with the creator!

This church is neither hot or cold – they are not faithful or disobedient

Jesus wished they were one or the other so He could deal with them – but instead, they are so wishy-washy that they are going to be spewed out of the mouth of God – revolted and hated for what they stand for.

They are a proud and boastful church – proud of themselves only! God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) - anyone who would seek to puff themselves will fail.

This church has used God’s name and provision to boast for themselves (It all is God’s to begin with, and this church is using God to exalt themselves – dangerous territory!!)

They have attempted to cover themselves up with great clothes, but they are filthy in sin

Jesus still loves this church and says that He disciplines those He loves – and this church needs to be disciplined and repent (turn away) from their wickedness.

Rev 20:3 – This door, is the door of the heart. It is the gateway to you, just as the door to our church is how you come inside – Jesus comes in through the door of your heart.

Anyone who enters a house without being invited is a thief – and Jesus is not going to lie, cheat, and steal His way into your house. Jesus stands and knocks, but He is waiting for YOU to open the door.

To the faithful man, to the faithful woman, to the faithful witness – Jesus will allow them to sit with Him on his right side (place of honor) – just as He sits on His Father’s right hand side – we can sit on His right hand side with Him!

Note the last word: “Churches” – last time it is mentioned in this entire book. This ENDS the church age.


Invite singers

These past three messages have been written in present tense, and have shown us where we are currently residing. It is called The Church Age, and this time will continue for as long as the Dispensation of Grace continues.

This Grace, is the Grace of the Father – before He sends the Son to get the church.

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