Summary: Church at Pergamum

Rev. 2:12-17 Church at Pergamum

2:12Pergamum15 miles from Aegean sea,sixty miles from Smyrna, a modern town of Bergama (Turkish). Pergamum was a center of four pagan cults- Zeus, Athena, Dionysys and esclepius and they had Blasphemous emperor worship. God calls it as Satan’s throne.

2:12 Angel of Pergamum

The Lord addresses to the Angel of the Church. Two interpretations: one the angel, two the pastor. Both are important. If angel leaves the Church then the Prince of this world (Jn. 14:30) will rule the Church.

He stands against the Pastors to put them in trouble Zech. 3:1. Prince of the Persian Kingdom Da.10:13, Angel encamps Ps. 34:7, covers you with feathers, wings, shield and rampart Ps 91:4, wall of fire around it Zech. 2:5.fhj;jepoy; tpyfpw;Wvz;. 14:9.

2:12 Double edged sword:

It is nothing but God’s word. Is. 11:4, sword of the Spirit is word of God Eph. 6:17, breath of his mouth 2 Thess. 2:8. It is Living& active, sharper than double edged sword, penetrates even diving the soul & spirit, joints & marrow, judges thoughts & attitudes. Heb. 4:12.

Other Powers of word: fire to consume Jer. 5:14. Hammer that breaks the rocks Jer. 23:39. Saving power Rm. 1:16, reviving power Eze. 37:7

2:13 God’s Divine Knowledge about location, life style, our struggles and integrity. Nothing is hidden from God’s vision and views.

Your locationHe knows where you live in which apartment, house, with whom, with plenty or starvation, with peace or troubles, with cries and joys.

Truthful: Faithful & unfaithful, holding fast or renouncing the faith in troubles, persecution. True to My name:in your work spot, with friends, with relatives. True to my cause, true to my burden, true to my love and grace.

Antipas: Faithful witness and martyr. Many were raped, beaten, persecuted, killed, put to prison, received injustice, properties were stolen, looted all because of KoG. God looks for the faithful one sin the Church, ministry, in every area of life. The last days are the signs of wickedness, ungrateful heart, evil for good.

2:13 Satan lives and has throne: this refers to the cults and the emperor who ordered to worship him.

Satan is a true and real personJob 1:6. He can think, act Mk 4:15(takes away the word), speak, deceive&temptLk. 4:13, Afflicts the saints Job 1:12, gives false promiseLk. 4:6, blinds the unbelievers II Cor. 4:4, guard and finally kills.

He has messengers II Cor. 12:7. He is called Devil, Lucifer, and Lawless one II Thess. 2:8-9 does miracles. He sows the weed. Mt 13:39. He prowls to devour I Pet. 5:8. He holds the power of death Heb. 2:14.

2:14 Few things against you:

Teachings of Balaam: Evil associations, stumbling blocks, false doctrines.

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. Ex 23:2. No treaty with unsaved Ex. 34:12. Don’t walk in the counsel of wicked, nor stand in way of sinners or sit in seat of mockers Ps 1:1. Pr. 4:14, do not desire the company of wicked Pr. 24:1. Do not associate with sexual immoral, greedy, idolater, swindler, and slanderer; even do not eat with them. I Cor. 5:11 Do not yoked together with unbelievers, with followers of Baal. II Cor. 6:14-18.No party with the ungodly friends.

Teachings of BalaamNu 22:5, wanted to die as just man 23:10 but died as wicked man 31:8.Teachings of Nicolaitans.Seducers, heresy, deceivers. God will not spare the false teachers, pastors, evangelists and believers.

Lips of a priest to speak the truth Mal 2:7, teachings caused many to fall Mal 2:8. Woe to hypocrites Mt 23:13 do not put any stumbling block or obstacle Rm. 14:13. Isaiah cries “I am a man with unclean lips” Is. 6:5. Filthy language from your lips. Col 3:8. Guard lips to guard your life. Pr. 13:3. May my lip overflow with your praise Ps. 119:171.

2:16 Repent … I will come: weep and wail (Is.22:12) return with fasting, mourning, weeping (Joel 2:12) unless you repent you too will be perished (Lk.13:3), repent from wickedness (Ac 8:22)

Repented: Ahab (I Ki 21:27), Job (42:6), Nineveh (Jon. 3:6-9), Peter (Mk 14:72), Prodigal Son (Lk.15:21), Tax collector (Lk.18:13).

2:17. Spiritual Food and Spiritual Gifts are the properties of the victorious living.

Manna: Ex 16:4 heavenly food, 15 Lord given food, 33 kept in the presence of the Lord; Nu 11:6 Israelites were frustrated by it, Jos 5:12 God stopped it, Neh. 9:20 God gave them Spirit-manna-water, Jn. 6:31 Jesus better than Manna, I Cor. 10:3 food of wisdom

White stone is a symbol of purity,new name is authority. New power, new acknowledgement, new position.

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