Summary: Church at Thyatira

Rev. 2:18-29Church at Thyatira

2:18Thyatiraaccording to Ac 16:14 it was a very wealthy city. It was famous for dyes. They had different Gods for different business. To be success in a particular occupation they have to worship that God along with the customs of that religious practices such as Eating, sexual life, etc.,

Lydia was a convert from this religion. The worship started in her house.

2:18Eyes are blazing fire:

The Power of the Eyes of the Lord is not like human eyes. Ranging Eyes II Chr.16:9, present everywhere Pr. 15:3, Pure eyes never sees evil Hab. 1:13, kept on righteous I Pet. 3:12, not looks at outward appearance I Sam. 16:7. Comprehends all human life Gen. 6:5, he sees the sufferings of people. Ex 3:9. Eye lids are testing human beings Ps 11:4. Full of compassion Lk. 7:13

2:19 God’s Divine Knowledge: about deeds, love, faith, service, perseverance.

“You are now doing more than you did at first”Very few had this commendation in the Bible. Moses was faithful till end. Nu 12: 7. Caleb said I have the same strength Jos. 14:10-11.

Every day walking with the Lord and being closer to him will lead to do more for God. Desire for God makes people to leave the desire for lust of the flesh and eyes.

2:20-23aJezebel and her teachings: this refers to the heretic sects. She was very important woman in the Church. She was misleading the congregation,misleading teachings in churches.

Roman temples had prostitutes like Indian religious places.

Delilah Jud. 16:4 tempted Samson to fall. Jezebel killed Lord’s prophets and worshipped gods I Ki. 18:4, 19:2. Athaliah killed the sons of the kingdom of David II Ki. 11:1. Maacah set up Ashera as god to Israel. II Chr. 15:16.

Her associates will be punished; her children will be punished and killed.

2.23b rewards to your deeds: God will surely pay the rewards for the deeds. Ps 62:12 each person, according to his conducts and deeds Jer. 17:10. Each person according to what he has done. Mt. 16:27. Reward due to him. II Cor. 5:10. Each man’s work will be judged impartially. I Pet. 1:17, judged as per the recorded in the books Rev.20:12, every one according to what he has done. Rev.22:12.

2:24. Deep things of Satan

There teachings were nothing but cheating, acting, pretending and evil devices of diabolic designs. Their claim of trues church is a church of Satan. They were practicing some magical formulas to control satanic powers.

2:25 Hold on to what you have: Test everything and hold fast the best in life. I Thess. 5:21. Hold on to courage and hope Heb. 3:6. Hold on to faith we profess Heb.4:14, Hold on to hope we profess. Heb. 10:23. Stand firm in persecution. Mt. 10:22,Stand in the test. Jas 1:12. Do not become weary in doing well. Gal 6:9. I kept my faith. II Tim 4:7.

2:26 &28 Authority over the Nations &Moring Star: David had authority over the Nations. Nebuchadnezzar had authority over the nations. Jesus had authority over the Nations. Spiritual authority, Healing authority, moral authority. Star referred to Jesus Christ. Nu 24:17 & Rev. 22:16, Star referred to Word of God. II Pet. 1:19. Earlier referred to Lucifer in Is. 14:12 &Satan claims authority in Lk. 4:6,

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