Summary: Look for God's intervention in your life and in your Church. Revival is the outcome of the Prayers, searching the Scriptures and worshiping the Lord.

Revive Us - Psalm 85

Introduction: This psalm is written after returning from Babylon and yet established as a nation. It is believed that Psalm 137 was preceded to it. This is the second Psalm of Prayer.

85:01-03 Gracious six acts of God

This passage express the thanks of the people for their return from captivity. Poet sings of the Lord's former mercies and begs him to remember his people. There are six gracious acts of God, as:

1. The divine favor exhibited by God Loves to the nation

2. The fortunes are restored by revising the judgment

3. He forgave their wickedness

4. He covered their sins

5. Taken away his wrath

6. Turned himself from anger to compassion

The divine favor was shone upon them as rays. He became their glory, their strength and he exalted their horns(89:17). Yahweh longs to be gracious and wanted to show favour, he rises to be compassionate(Is.30:18). So he brought help from unknown faces and unknown people(Is.60:10). The lord is delighted in you, you are Hephzibah and Beulah(Is.62:4). HE wiped out your tears, no more cries(Is.65:19). He will plant them in their land with whole heartedly(Jer. 32:41). You are sons of the living God to get the favour of God as Jesus was on the earth(Hos.1:10 & Lk. 3:22)

85:04-07 Seven requests to the Gracious God

The second passage was talking about the seven prayer requests from the people for reformation and revivals. Their earnest prayer was for their own reformation; the pleads were:

1. Turn us

2. Cease your anger

3. Grace to our generations

4. Revive us

5. Makes us to rejoice

6. Show us your mercy

7. Grant us your salvation

Revive us and restore us o Lord was the prayer of the Psalmist. Grant me thy willing spirit (Ps.51:12). Make your face to shine upon us (Ps.80:7). Pour out your holy spirit upon us to make us fertile(Is.32:15). Renew your miracles, performances, acts in our days and in our own times(Hab.3:2). Revive us to worship your name and bow before you alone(Ps.80:18). Revive us through thy word(119:25,40,50,88,149). Revive us for your name sake(143:11). Oh son of God revive us according to your will(Jn.5:21). The spirit of God revives(Jn.6:63).

85:08-13 Eight fold confidence in God

This passage contains the words of the High priest, with God's Gracious answer; which answer is followed by the grateful acclamation of the people, to the end of the Psalm. He publishes joyfully the tidings of future good as:

1. He will speak I will receive

2. Surely Salvation is nigh

3. Mercy and truth joins

4. Righteousness and Peace kisses

5. Truth will spring forth

6. Righteousness shall work out

7. Good will begin

8. Steps for all

The spiritual receptivity is very important. I will listen and bring 100 fold blessings as good soil(Mt.13:23). Martha opened her home and Mary sat under the feet of Jesus to receive the word(Luke.10:38,39). The people accepted the message of the word of repentance so salvation came to thousands(Ac.2:41). The listening and searching the word of God will make you noble and blessed(Ac.17:11). How do you accept the preaching by any Godly man is it His word or the Word of the Lord(I The. 2:13). The spiritual receptivity brings spiritual abundance and the fulfillment of the promises. The spiritual awakening will lead to social justice, social peace. It will lead to right things and right ways.

Conclusion: The favor of God leads to see ourselves and plead to God for revival. The spiritual receptivity leads to prosperity of Individual and the nations.

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