Summary: A message preached on the eve of Revival Services, to prepare for true Revival. Pray is the key to Revival. What do we need to pray for God to revive in our hearts?

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“Revival Prayer”

INTRODUCTION: What is the FORMULA for REVIVAL? Prayer, Prayer, Prayer! It’s OK to pray for REVIVAL for this CHURCH … for a broader ministry … a deeper commitment … closer fellowship. BUT … all these are BY-PRODUCTS of a PERSONAL revival.

SOMETIMES … we pray to straighten out someone else. That’s why most people go to a marriage counselor … to straighten out their spouse. We often go into a marriage with the idea that we are going to change our mate. LADIES … how many of you thought you were going to CHANGE your husband, after you married him? It didn’t work, did it?

BUT … there is only 1 PERSON we can do anything about … OURSELVES! There is only 1 PERSON we can CHANGE … OURSELVES! If we, as INDIVIDUAL Christians, will be REVIVED … THEN … the CHURCH will be revived. REVIVAL isn’t a MASS happening … it’s an INDIVIDUAL happening.


Let’s see what JESUS prayed about … AND … look for some areas in OUR lives that might need to be REVIVED. In a few minutes, I will ask you to write down some specific areas in your life that need to be REVIVED. You can write them down, as the Holy Spirit brings these things to your mind.

TURN with me to John Chapter 17. What needs to be REVIVED in YOUR life?

1.- PRAYER LIFE – 17:1

If prayer was important to JESUS … how much more should prayer be to US! Nobody was more spiritual than Jesus … YET … He saw the need to be in constant touch with His Heavenly Father. Jesus saw the NEED for prayer – 16:32. You are never alone … AND … prayer lets us realize it. Maybe your PRAYER LIFE needs to be REVIVED.

2.- POWER – 17:2

Jesus had POWER … AND … when our PRAYER is lacking, so is our POWER. Peter Dynaka once said, “No prayer, no power … little prayer, little power … much prayer, much power.” Jesus knew where His power came from.

We need power to:

• Resist temptation.

• Witness.

• For Service.

• Victory over the Devil.

• Victory over habits.

• To live the Christian life.

MAYBE … this is an area in your life that needs to be REVIVED.


God wants you to “know Him” … in a real and personal way. He wants you to experience the PRESENCE OF GOD in your life every day … throughout the day. MAYBE … your relationship with Jesus needs to be REVIVED.

4.- PARTICIPATION – 17:4,18

Jesus was on His way to the cross when He prayed this prayer. He was PARTICIPATING in God’s plan. God didn’t put us here to be IDLE … BUT … to be ACTIVE in His plan. MAYBE … you don’t know God’s plan for your life (He has one!). MAYBE … you KNOW it … BUT … aren’t DOING it. MAYBE … your participation (or lack of participation) in God’s plan for your life needs to be REVIVED.

5.- DEVOTION – 17:5

NOTICE … Jesus wants to give “glory” to God in all that He does. He wanted EVERYTHING in His life to bring “glory” to God. Is this an area of your life that needs to be REVIVED? Is all that you think, say, do … pleasing to Him? MAYBE … our Christian life needs to be REVIVED … SO … we can give Him the “glory” that He deserves.

6.- TESTIMONY – 17:6

Jesus was a good testimony for God. He lived so others could see His Heavenly Father in Himself. Jesus once said (Jn. 14:9) – “He that hath seen Me, hath seen the Father.” Do other people see Jesus in you? How’s your TESTIMONY? MAYBE … this is an area in your life that needs to be REVIVED.

7.- POSSESSIONS – 17:7

Jesus knew that everything He had, came from God. MAYBE … you are having a problem with “possessions” … BECAUSE OF … what you HAVE … OR … DON’T HAVE. MAYBE … your “possessions” have come between you and God. IF He isn’t in control of your “possessions” … THEN … MAYBE you need to turn them over to God. MAYBE … this is an area in your life that you need REVIVED.

8.- BIBLE STUDY – 17:8

Jesus gave us the “Word”. Are you in His Word? When you were a baby, your mother fed you “mush” … mushed carrots, mushed peas … mushed potatoes. BUT … when you got OLDER, you could eat ADULT food … like pizza, hot dogs, friend chicken! Some Christians are still on “baby food” … “mush”. MAYBE … your BIBLE STUDY needs to be REVIVED.

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