Summary: Our world is a mess...and human weapons don't work on supernatural problems. The problem is sin...and the answer is Jesus. We need revival.


Talk for a moment about what "revival" isn't:

A crowd doesn't mean a church is experiencing revival. Human charisma can attract a crowd.

It's not something we can "schedule" or "produce"

1. We Need Revival

Revival: restoration to life, vigor, strength. An awakening of interest in and care for the things of God.

It's pretty easy to see we need revival just by opening your eyes to what's going on around you. Watch the news. Look at the people & families living around you...trying to stand against the storms of life. Take a look at what this generation and the next is faced with if revival doesn't happen?

The only way our world will ever change is when the church experiences revival.

"America is spiritually dying because God has sales reps and not channels of His glory." - Mario Murillo

"The fate of the nation rest in the hands of the righteous." - Mario Murillo

Truth be known...there is a "synthetic" faith being preached that millions of people are drawn to. And if we're doesn't produce people who are "born-again." Truth deceives people. It certainly hasn't and isn't producing true revival.

What People Hear Today:

God wants you to have it all now.

You are instant royalty and...because you are entitled to authority, power, gifts, and profuse blessing.

Don't let satan rob you of your joy, finances, or anything else.

Rebuke adversity...don't receive it.

A few of the basic teachings of early Pentecostals.

You have been snatched from eternal damnation to show forth the praises of Him who called you out of darkness.

Your body and all you have belongs to Jesus. You are to live your life as a living sacrifice. This is reasonable service because you were bought with a price. Consecrate yourself. Don't live like the world. Crucify the works of the flesh.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit has been given to you to be a witness and to fulfill the great commission.

Live modestly, vigilantly, and in constant prayer and fellowship because of end-time darkness and because your true reward will be in heaven.

When you contrast those two sets of's easy to see they're different. They produce two different people. One is selfish...looking for more candy from God. The other is humble, gratefully serving Jesus as not only Savior...but Lord...and they are strong in faith. One is addicted to feelings. The other is low maintenance, standing in faith...and reproducing other strong disciples like themselves.

Indications We Need Revival

The increasing unfaithfulness of people to times of worship & prayer. When church & the things of God is an option.

When we pray or worship prayer it is lifeless. Ritual & chores.

God is not our only source. He's no longer viewed as our only hope.

When Sin is a pattern in lives. In other's tolerated, accepted, and even pursued & enjoyed.

When our fear of God is lax.

When We love the pleasures of the world more than we love Jesus. (time/talents/treasure)

When we don't grieve over people who don't know Jesus.

When we are unwilling to take the necessary steps to restore broken relationships.

When we have to be "entertained" in order to feel as though a worship experience is pleasing or meaningful.

When people wander from church to church in search of "how to get blessed with the least level of commitment."

When professionalism & techniques have replaced reliance upon the Holy Spirit.

When the most significant lifestyle difference between us and those who don't serve the Lord is that we attend church from time to time.

"Revival is when God gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented that He shows Himself." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Study the history of revival. God has always sent revival in the darkest days. Oh, for a mighty, sweeping revival today!" - Adrian Rogers

Our world is a mess...and human weapons don't work on supernatural problems. The problem is sin...and the answer is Jesus. We need revival.

Why do we need revival? Because revival does what only God can do!

When the church is revived...the lost will be awakened.

2. Are We Willing To Pay The Price?

"Revival, no matter how great or small in its ultimate scope, always begins with individual believers whose hearts are desperate for God, and who are willing to pay the price to meet Him." - "Del Fehsenfeld Jr.

The price of revival is within reach! Throughout history...few have been willing to pay the price of grasping it. But...thankfully...some have! And...God responded!


Can it happen again? Yes! One young man decided to pursue live fix his heart on seeing God move...and God responded! He still responds!

Oh, that we might know the Lord !

Let us press on to know him.

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