Summary: This is a Christmas sermon that teaches that we should be careful about the people to whom we associate. Christmas should remind us to avoid the Wrong People

There are some times when we find ourselves in the Right Place but with the Wrong People. There are some places that are all right but the people are all wrong. In Some Marriages, we can say, right place but wrong people. The institution of Marriage is a wonderful place to find fulfillment, happiness, joy, and strength. It is a place that is instituted by God and described as holy and undefiled. This is truly a right place to be. Nevertheless, some people have no business getting married. Statistics show that for some this is the Right Place Wrong People. Even the positions we hold on our jobs. Employed is certainly the right place to be in this economy. Jobs provide us the oppurtunity to be successful, to provide for our families and enjoy the great benefits God has for us in this life. Having a job in this economy is a great place to be. However, there are times on our jobs where money out weighs values and the lure of silver and gold draw some away from right and wrong and they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Right Place - Wrong People.

We will most certainly agree that School is the Right place for our children to go. In this educational institutions young people can and should learn how to be productive and positive people who will gain the necessary skills to contribute to society in some meaningful way when their time to step us comes. Nevertheless, there are some that who hangs with the wrong people at school, and rather than walk across a stage in some auditorium to receive a degree, they walk across some courtroom and receive a sentence. Right Place - Wrong People.

Do I need to talk about the church? The Church is no exception to this dilemma. The Church is no exception to this quandary. Right Place Wrong People. Even in the house of God, which is the Right place for every and anyone to come. In this place prayer are being prayed, Zion songs are being song, worship, praise, healing, and the word of God is going forth. There is no better place to find the presence of God and to be in the company of God’s people. However, even in the church, you have to be careful about getting with the wrong people. Oh yea there are some wrong people at the church. They come to this place to get right but for now they are all wrong. Paul knew what he was talking about when he said, "For the good that I would, I do not: but the evil, which I would not, that I do." Even in the church good intentions are evil spoke of and people motives, hidden agendas and even personal desires get in the way of the plan of God. That’s what we are talking about, Right Place Wrong People.

It is important to note that when the wise men were seeking the one born king of the Jews they went to the right place but to the wrong people. Those who are seeking the one born king of the Jews and King of Kings, we must be careful to whom we seek counsel. You can get yourself in trouble going to the right place but to the wrong people.

First, allow me to speak on the right Right Place. If you were looking for the one that was going to be born King of the Jews, the best place and the right place to start looking is Jerusalem. Those two things went together. This city was known as The CITY OF DAVID. David established Jerusalem as the seat of the Jews’ political power. It was there that David brought the Ark of the Covenant representing God presents with God’s people. It was there that the King established his throne among God’s people. Jerusalem was the brains where all political decisions were being made. However, David was not the first to have a great experience in Jerusalem. Perhaps I need to give you a quick Biblical Geographic Lesson. Jerusalem was built on two mountains, Mount Zion and Mount Moriah. Abraham was told to take his son, his only son Isaac up on Mount Moriah. In essence, the final exam for Father Abraham was in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was not only the center of the political power it was also known as the Holy City, and the City of God. Three Religions believe that major and significant events of their faith occurred in Jerusalem; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Jerusalem is significant to the Jews because it is the place of the temple. There were and are many synagogues but only one temple and that temple is to be located in Jerusalem, representing the earthly meeting spot for God and his people. David writes about Jerusalem in Psalms 122, "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD. Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem. Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compact together:" So if you are looking for the one born to be the King of the Jews, Jerusalem is the Right Place. This is exactly what the wise men did. They came seeking the King of the Jews and they started their search in Jerusalem the Right place.

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