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Summary: Righteous among the Wicked

In the temple of Nob – Ahimelek the Priest helps David who entered the temple as he was hiding from Saul. Gave him food, sword of Goliath etc.

Doveg went and told Saul; Saul killed 85 people including Ahimelek and destroyed the city (1st Sam 22)

David angry at Doveg

1- 7 is self-lamentation; huffing and puffing almost like children getting into a closet after being angry with parents. David almost lost it that Doveg did it and due to that Ahimelek and his entire family paid a huge price. Very angry, upset, bitter, desperate, despondent, dejected – We do that too; He ventilates like I do. I am sure you don’t!

• David calls him mighty man (1-4) – shepherd, sleeping in the temple. Only thing is ‘he told on David’. Killed the poor priests and their relatives with no ‘arms’. Mighty man uses Sword, and Deceiver’s instrument is – tongue. He ‘devises’ destruction. ‘Love’ doing and saying evil

• David pronounces a curse on him (5-7)- David says, God will Destroy, ‘snatch you up’ (not in Malayalam) and tear you away from your tent, God will Root you out

After Ventilation, he feels okay. He realizes who he is. He comes back to his senses. Temporarily his grief and anger got the better of him. He then says,

But AS FOR ME (8-9)

• Olive Tree – Shows beauty, power, God’s blessings, and Prosperity (Deut 6:11, 1 Sam 8:14, 2nd Kings 5:26, Jer 11:16, Hosea 14:6).

o They grow slowly but they last forever. Half a ton oil per year.

o It withstands flood – Genesis 8:11

o It gives shade – Luke 22:39 (mount of Olives to the son of man who does not have a roof over his head)

o Honored among all trees – Judges 9:9

o Cherubs in the inner sanctuary – 1st Kings 6:23

• Because God has preserved him as an Olive tree and that he realizes that,

o Trust – in the midst of Deception

o Praise – in the time of trouble and fear

o Hope – in the midst of uncertain situation

o Fellowship – With Godly people

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