Summary: We serve God's purpose in our generation and we do that with righteousness and the fear of God.

2 Sam 23:1-7 RIGHTEOUSNESS AND THE FEAR OF GOD ES 19 Mar 17 1830

2 Sam 23:1 “These are the last words of David…” – not in the sense that they are his words at death-bed or before his last breath.

1 Kings 2 mentions David’s last charge to his son Solomon and that might be his last personal words.

• Here the author says it is the oracle of David - in order words, it is a message of God, the last one that comes through David. “The Spirit of the Lord spoke through me…”

The oracle affirms David’s role in God’s plan, but it also points to something in the future.

• David has a part to play, but God’s plan goes beyond David. It is more than David. It does not end with David.

23:1 "The oracle of David son of Jesse, the oracle of the man exalted by the Most High, the man anointed by the God of Jacob, Israel's singer of songs…”

• God chose David, the son of Jesse; the boy who looks after his father’s sheep, and exalted him to be King over Israel, to look after his Father’s sheep.

• This did not start as David’s career plan. It was not his doing. God anointed him, prepared him, and put him in the place He wants him to be.

God speaks to David and God speaks through David. “The Rock of Israel said TO me…” (23:3) and “the Spirit of the Lord spoke THROUGH me…” (23:2)

• And the Lord says, 3“When one rules over men in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, 4he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth.” (23:3-4)

God affirms his role. When he leads with righteousness and the fear of God, the land is blessed with fruitfulness.

• He is like the LIGHT of the rising sun, on a cloudless morning. Bright and clear, not obstructed or diffused.

• He is like the SUNSHINE after the rain and it brings forth LIFE from the earth.

• He brings forth LIGHT and LIFE for the land. It’s a picture of fruitfulness and blessings.

Fruitfulness flow FROM righteousness and the fear of God.

• David, and all who serve God, are to serve with righteousness and the fear of God.

• The Lord highlights these regarding David’s reign – not his bravery, musical talents or wisdom, which can be true of David.

• But they are not God’s emphasis. His greatest concerns for the King is that he rules with righteousness and the fear of the Lord. That brings LIGHT and LIFE.

That explains why many nations are in chaos and unrest today. Their leaders are doing the opposite, caught in corruption.

• The ex-Presidents in Taiwan, in South Korea, North Korea, in Hong Kong, China… The nation suffers as a result.

• We pray that God will keep our leaders on the right path, for as long as it takes.

For those of us who lead in managerial or other positions, who have a group of workers under us, do remember what God is looking for.

• Don’t compromise. No shortcut. Don’t play office politics. Wherever God puts us in, we serve with righteousness and the fear of God.


David reflected upon God’s Word and commented - 23:5 "Is not my house right with God? Has he not made with me an everlasting covenant, arranged and secured in every part? Will he not bring to fruition my salvation and grant me my every desire?”

• This verse is difficult to translate. Is not my house right with God? Is my house really like this – demonstrating righteousness and the fear of God?

• It does not seem to be so. Yet “Has He not made with me an everlasting covenant, arranged and secured in every part?”

• God can still accomplish His plan despite all these. Will he not bring to fruition my salvation and grant me my every desire?

• David was reflecting on his life and what he has done.

God made covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses, but the covenant he made with DAVID is significant – because it is the first time God mentioned something ETERNAL.

• God promised that David’s lineage would last forever and that His kingdom would never pass away. David might not fully understand this but he believed God.

• David remembers God’s promise (through Nathan): “Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.” (2 Sam 7:16)

Obviously this could not be his throne in Jerusalem because it didn’t last.

• Many of the Kings of Israel/Judah sinned against God. The nation was displaced. They lost their land for 70 years!

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