Summary: Watch out for spiritual erosion in your life!


A. Meet the Bible’s wisest fool - Solomon, the king with the empty heart

1. No man began with more promise than he did.

2. Yet a good beginning does not mean a good finish.

3. Solomon drifted and finally defected - can it happen to us?

B. Look at the highlights of his life

1. His flawless description I Kings 1-10 (the king who could do no wrong)

2. His fatal disease - sin - failure to take God seriously

3. His final downfall - I Kgs.11:4-6

C. What caused this disastrous demise in Solomon’s life?

1. In one word it was COMPROMISE that led to the King’s fall

2. And finally all his compromises led to a King with an empty heart


A. God had blessed Solomon with great wisdom (I Kings 3)

1. For a while he used that wisdom in a useful way

2. I Kgs. 4:29-34 is a full description of this wisdom from God.

B. But Solomon soon became a wise fool

1. He intermarried with heathen women who worshipped idols

2. Had 700 wives, princesses and 300 concubines, and "his wives turned away his heart"

I Kings 3:4

3. What fools we are when we allow anyone/anything turn out heart away from God(II Cor.6:14-18)

4. Be wise- watch your relationship with

those who are not Christians. Letting the wrong people into your life can easily spell disaster and destruction I Cor.15:33


A. At first Solomon had a close walk with the Lord

1. He builds the temple, and dedicates it to God - I Kings 8:14-21

2. His prayer of dedication is one of the most beautiful - 8:22-53

B. God continued to remind him of the importance of a daily walk with Him

1. I Kgs. 9:4-9 - God told him what he needed to do to receive His blessing

2. Yet Solomon compromised his walk, and began to walk with other gods

3. We cannot serve two masters - Matt.6:24. Choose whom you serve - Josh.24:15

4. Determine to walk before God in truth and newness of life - Rom.6:4; 8:1,4

5. Don’t compromise your walk with God!


A. God had blessed Solomon with great wealth

1. When the Queen of Sheba came and saw his wisdom and wealth she was amazed I Kings 10:6-7

2. Yet these great blessings became stumbling blocks for Solomon.

3. He began to trust his riches more than trusting God.

B. Money is a wonderful servant but a hard task-master

1. We can accomplish great things for the Lord with our money

2. That’s why I believe every Christian should give as God has prospered

3. There is no excuse for not giving, and it blocks blessings when we do - Mal.3;8-10

4. If God has blessed you with wealth, He is going to hold you responsible for what you do with it. If you don’t have much, still be faithful in your

giving each week! I Cor.16:1-2


A. I Kings 11:5-8 - he did not fully follow the Lord.

B. He even built pagan worship centers - no wonder God was angry

C. God alone is to be the sole object of our worship Matt.4:10

1. He will not accept second best

2. We must make sure we worship Him in spirit & truth - Jn.4:24; Lev.10


A. Solomon was a bad example before an unbelieving world

1. Instead of him influencing them for good, they influenced him for evil

2. No wonder God tore away the kingdom from him - I Kgs. 11:11-13

3. God stirred up Solomon’s enemies against him - 11:14-25

B. When we compromise our witness, expect trouble to come our way

1. God removes his protective hedge from our lives when we disobey

2. He does this to bring us to our senses and back to Him

3. He will not allow us to live a lie and be a hypocrite!


1. Our prayer should be - “Help me Lord to not only start the race, but finish it well. Help me not to compromise my faith and love for you. Instead keep me close to the cross and the Christ who died for me there” (Ron Hembree)

2. Solomon’s problem was not ignorance but downright rebellion. He knew better but did not do better.

3. The only thing that matters is not success and prosperity but God! - Eccl.12:13-14

4. Money can’t buy you love - nor a place in Heaven either - Luke 12:15

5. Seek ye first the kingdom - Matt.6:33 Give your Heart to Jesus Christ & His Church.

6. He will fill your empty heart with untold and countless blessings when you give it to Him today

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