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Summary: This is an article of direction for the heart of torment

Rising above

As the pastor of a church, I see many needy souls of varying degree. And as I ponder the overall condition of mankind it occurs to me that there are some basic ingredients that drastically change the inner character of a person. What baffles me is the reluctance I see in many people to do anything to relieve their own misery, and their lack of concern for the heartache they inflict on those around them. I must admit that there is a certain boldness welling up within me as I hide behind this computer; So, I am apt to say a few things here that normally I would only think to myself. But, if people refuse to wake up and see the truth about themselves and the impact they are having on others, how can life ever get any better? Inner turmoil filled with negative ambitions are depressing to everyone, and relationships cannot flourish in that type of environment. So here is the deal, the very first step to anything is awareness of the need. In other words we must first admit there is a problem, before we can fix the problem. I guess we could say a personal checkup every now and then is a good thing; So let’s just ask a couple of quick questions… Who are you? I mean really, what do other people see when they look at you? Now don’t answer to quickly, take a day or so to analyze yourself, and no cheating!! We need to see the real you; what is your attitude towards yourself and others; what is your personal character like? Let me give you a list of things to consider:

First, the negative traits (hateful, snappy, uncaring, judgmental, condemning, hurtful, arrogant, gloomy, angry, boastful, prideful, mean, untruthful, sneaky, unforgiving, unfeeling, inpatient, or self centered)

Now stop right here!

You probably didn’t even read the whole list did you? Or you just glazed right threw it because it is uncomfortable.

Take time to ponder each item and see if there is any seed of bitterness within you. And I caution you again to be truthful; because if you lie to yourself then there is no hope to ever find contentment. We must first see our own faults and shortcomings; also to recognize our own need before we will ever seek truth. Besides that, we will be useless at helping others if we don’t help our self first. Which reminds me, that Jesus once said, “pull the beam out of your own eye before you try to pick a splinter out of your brothers eye.”

I want to pause for just a moment here, and let’s use common sense around the next issue, because I am sure that nearly everyone who honestly pondered the above list has found out that in some point of their life they have a problem. In effect, we are a broken people who have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. The truth is; we were made in the image of God to be true and honest souls and this negative junk shouldn’t be controlling our lives.

Now if something is broken, the best place for repair is the manufacturer right? So what is the hold up? Let’s take this issue to the creator and ask Him for some insight; quite frankly folk’s, life is too short to waste it in the sewers, when all it takes is a little desire and honesty to rise above the stench and live with some dignity. So before you go any further you must ask yourself, and answer this question; are you seriously ready for a new you?

While you ponder that question, please allow me to share some insight from a Pastors heart. From the broken hearted to the overjoyed and the broken spirited to the new life, I see it all; so to some degree I have to get involved with it all. Yes, I cry with those who cry, rejoice with those who rejoice, but at the end of the day I still have a family who needs me and I cannot drag home all the worlds’ burdens to them. So in effect, I also need some way to wash off all the bad stuff; and of course hang on to the good stuff. Preachers are no exception to the rule; we also must guard ourselves daily to avoid contamination of the spirit, and diligently strive for a better quality of life. How do we do it? I personally have found peace with the Sovereignty of God, that is to say God is in complete control of all things. He grants me the wisdom and power to change what I can, and the grace to except His will on the things I can’t. and just like you I must deal with impossible people who often times hurt me in my spirit, and yes I have to face them day after day without so much as a hint of anger or discouragement on my part. What is the secret?

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