Summary: Peter had to take the risk to actually have a relationship with Cornelius. If we are going to share the Gospel, we are going to have to take some risks in our relationships.

"Risk and Relationships"

Acts 10 Part 2: Transformation of the Church January 14, 2009

Peter had to take the risk to actually have a relationship with Cornelius. If we are going to share the Gospel, we are going to have to take some risks in our relationships.

I. Review: Change the Way You Look…At People Acts 10:15

• We need a clear vision…better glasses! (Peter was fasting)

• See the whole person, not just their parts. Mind, body, soul, spirit,

• Anyone who seeks God will find him. Jeremiah 29:13-14

Question: How do we see people differently?

II. Connection: Take the risk to literally have a relationship

• Peter did not understand it, but he was obedient.

• Saying we care about people means nothing if we do not obey.

• Why are we addicted to the internet? We crave connection.

Risk your life! Risk your reputation!

The connection starts here! (this can’t be one option)

“I am quite sore and moving very slowly, but I can’t imagine sitting at home when I could be at church. The pain doesn’t change with location.” Judy Ferrandini following a car accident

Question: How can we connect with people not like us?

Get out of your fishbowl...When we see people differently and we are willing to risk our lives, then we can share our message…

III. Next! What is our message?

A. Peter’s Explanation: Now I understand! 10:34-42

• God shows no favoritism

• The Story of Jesus: most people have only heard about Jesus.

• We are witnesses: have we have experienced Jesus ourselves?

What is our message? Why are we here? Fear, hate, pain…or love, joy, peace…?

B. The Simple Gospel: What is the Gospel? (many don’t know) 10:43

• Jesus died on the cross (He was a real man)

• Jesus rose from the grave (a major point)

• God forgives anyone - no other way, more than just heaven.

Illus: Lifetime in prison – can he be forgiven?

C. What is your message?

• Your life is communicating something, what are you communicating?

• The problem is that when we try and fail to present a message that is void of relationship. We try to proclaim faith without love.

• We cannot tell people who Jesus is without showing them who he is.

So we must change the way we see people and risk our lives to have a relationship with them.

D. We have to know Him, and we have to know them.

Illus: Baseball Relay Race – running without the ball is useless.

• It is not enough to be a “great Christian”

• If you are a Christian, you cannot be isolated.

• Don’t make excuses. A message without an audience is useless.

E. Do you believe this? (That is what really matters)

• Everyone has faith – what is your faith in?

• Would you like to be forgiven of every wrong you have done?

• Do you know someone who needs forgiveness?

Video: CBN

You might think you’re saved – but you are trying to fill your life with everything but God. He wants to satisfy you with His love.

“I was terribly depressed. I had enough of God to know what I was doing was wrong.” Allison Ward, Brownsville Revival 1995.

She begins to shake and cry, sob, at how much God loves people and wants to save them.

God wants to transform his church, this generation, and this world from a selfish religion to a love affair with God and people.

So we must change the way we see people, we must take a risk and literally have a relationship with them, then can share this message of God’s love and forgiveness.

What really matters? Are we spending more time with people or things? Don’t count My Space, Facebook, Texting…How much time are we spending with people in a real spiritual relationship?

Question: How can we do that? Take TIME to be INTENTIONAL – it won’t happen by accident. People are not interruptions.

Questions for Prayer:

• Do you need forgiveness?

• How are you taking risks in your relationships?

• Ask God to help you take relationship risks.

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