Summary: A look at our Christian Memory. Why it is God calls us to remember the times He has stepped into our lives.

We were sitting just night before last reminiscing about tv programs of old.

Times change, times move on. Technology has changed, story writing has changed, and in the case of the A Team – people actually die in tv programs now.

But I think that in even watching these introduction clips, you must have had some good Friday night memories.

My personal favourite of all time had to have been Mac Gyver. Friday nights all through the neighbourhood you could here the theme tunes to these favourite shows. Back then there was only one channel, so you could here the same tune in almost every home in the neighbourhood.

I never thought I would ever get to the age when I would say…”Those were the days.”

Those Were the Days.

Its incredible how a simple tune can take us back to specific place or time. I am sure those clips brought back some good memories for you.


But those were the days….

Those were the days in which Aid was something given to poorer African countries. HIV was something that only a few scientists knew about. Sliced bread was only obtainable if you sliced it yourself, OK Bazaars was still a good place to shop, Net Blankes signs still were to be found on beaches, one in every 960 white south African families had a home computer, you could still buy 2 wilson sweets for a cent, leg warmers and big hair were all the rage, Lady Di had recently married Prince Charles, and so we can go….

Those were the days….


But it runs deeper than that. As humans, we can hold onto things as momentos. We can horde things. Its incredible how much we accumulate simply for sentimental reasons.

We seem to just have this affinity to remember… We seem to want to hang on to the past. We like the past because its happened and we will kind of in control over it and comfortable with it, because we know it.


This week was a tough one for me. I spent a lot of time remembering how things used to be before Jesus stepped into my life. I reminisced and remembered the journey. I shed some tears this week over difficulty in my life, I feared that the past would come back into the present. I feared that the things I had put down in the past would come back and once again begin ruling my life.

I got quite fearful that the old Craig and all his wicked ways would start showing up again.


As Christians we are very quick to move on. We can because we have a God that moves on so quickly. Sins are forgiven, ways and habits are changed in an instant, even physical ailments can be instantly forgotten.

The past is not however as quickly removed from us. Habits put down in the name of Jesus Christ can creep back and we can find ourselves sitting with the past right here in the present.


Today I wanted to journey with you into the importance of developing a Christian memory.

It’s a fine line this memory thing. We say put it down at the cross. We say leave it with Jesus. Put it down and leave it yes. But remember it readily enough not to want to pick it up again.

Do any more and guilt will creep in. Do any less and bad habits will return.

The need to keep the past close enough to remind us of how much Jesus has done for us, but far enough away to remind us of how complete His forgiveness is.


God throughout scripture called his people to remember. Often in scripture it says “and he did this or that as a reminder to the people.”



“And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.” (v. 7)

First, the memorial stones were to be a reminder of their own personal experience. Notice that in verse six this memorial will cause the children to ask; “What do these stones mean to you?”

These stones are first of all to be a reminder those who were present of their personal experience, what they saw, heard and felt.

Col 3:9-10

Stripping away the old ways is something we do as Christians. The putting aside our old selves is probably the primary way we can continually reflect on what God is doing personally.

Will be painful. Put the practices – put the sin down at the cross. But always make sure you remember the fact that the cross was there for you to place that old personality at its foot.

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