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Summary: Ladies and Gentlemen the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a myth. It’s not a fable, it’s not a storybook concept, but the coming of the Lord is real and we must be ready.

Ready For Heaven In 2007

In Valladolid, Spain, where Christopher Columbus died in 1506, stands a monument commemorating the great discoverer. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the memorial is a statue of a lion destroying one of the Latin words that had been part of Spain’s motto for centuries. Before Columbus made his voyages, the Spaniards thought they had reached the outer limits of earth. Thus their motto was "Ne Plus Ultra," which means "No More Beyond." The word being torn away by the lion is "ne" or "no," making it read “Plus Ultra”. Columbus had proven that there was indeed “more beyond”.

It has been called Glory Land, That Holy White City, Beulah Land, Paradise, The Promise Land and Heaven…The Celestial shores beckon us each and every day. We can only imagine its beauty and its splendor. Paul wrote to the church in Corinth in 1 Cor 2:9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen , nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”

It has been described as a country a place. Never has there ever been a place that has captivated the minds of people for generations. Once can not compare the earthly splendor of some of our great cities like New York which bustles with the sounds of traffic, cultural diversity, and the most fashion driven people in the world with their designer handbags and lattes in hand. You can not compare the earthly splendor of Paris, France the enchanting city that entices all of its visitors with its famed romance and renowned architecture and historical landmarks to the celestial city that’s called Heaven.

The apostles ministered under the urgency and the mentality that Jesus return would be soon. There evangelism was relentless, their consecration was laced with Godly fear, and their commitment was unwavering! Their voices echo tonight from the Holy Word of God verbally to us as we read of their triumphs, their insecurities, their faliars and ambitions which were all held together by the desire to be translated from this foreign land to their eternal Home.

As each day expires sin is getting worse as sin is destroying the lives of people. There has been an attempt of the enemy to strip the reality of heaven from the minds of the world and the church of the living God.

Instead of being a people uncomfortable in a foreign land often times it seems that we have driven our stakes into the temporal soil of this world. It would seem to me tonight that we do not hold the same urgency that our fore fathers held as they walked on this earth and anticipated His coming at any moment

I come tonight to heighten our awareness to a church who is allowing our minds to be shifted off the reality of Heaven by a culture who wants nothing to do with the goodness of the gospel.

Our culture would like to shadow our passion with mediocrity, it would like to color our mood with depression, it would like to exchange our evangelism with inactivity, but I rise with the spirit of the fore fathers to preach to this church that the Kingdom of God is at Hand…

Ladies and Gentlemen the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a myth. It’s not a fable, it’s not a storybook concept, but the coming of the Lord is real and we must be ready.

Heaven is a city for the servants of the Lord. When Jesus spoke of Heaven he usually did it through parables or stories, and many times he was speaking to his servants or making reference to servants.

Many of us are multitaskers. We can do many things at one time. We go from church to work…We have more meetings than any other generation. We have a larger work load than any other generation. We are a busy generation.

I am afraid that the many things that multitask are making us num to the reality. If we are not careful we can equate all the things we do – EVEN IN CHURCH – as service to God.

I have personally felt the mild rebuke as the one Jesus gave Martha as she became entangled in the details of serving Jesus, while Mary was captivated by sitting at His feet. The Savior said, “Martha, you are troubled about many things, but one thing is needful and Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her…

I have to tell you that in 2007 it’s more important to be occupied with Jesus, than being occupied for Jesus.

Tonight I am preaching about a day by day realization, because the enemy is working to shift our minds off of the Hope of Heaven.

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