Summary: outline of Vv.1-10

Romans Outline: 10: 1-10

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~ The key to God’s past dealings w/ Israel is His sovereignty.

(Which means dominion, rule or power.)

~ The key to God’s present dealings w/ everyone is His wonderful Grace.

~ Today God is offering salvation to the Jew, as well as the Gentiles.

~ If a Jew or anyone else would like to be saved, they all must come to Calvary, to ask

the same Messiah they have rejected for salvation.

Matthew 27:25 … read

~ Nationally: the Jews have rejected Jesus of Nazareth, and in doing so have invoked

the curse to come into there life.

~ Individually: everyone must realize that they are lost in order to accept Christ.

~ Even Paul had trouble w/ this, he had a zeal ‘active interest ‘. Even though he received

some of the greatest education, he still never knew Christ through that education of Him. It has to be personal. He comes right to the point in 10:1

Lets look at vv. 4 … read

~ Christ came to fulfill the law, that he might terminate it, and replace it w/ Grace.

~ The law ended w/ Christ, because he fulfilled it. Man could not live up to the articles of

the law, Christ could and completed all of them. FULFILLED.

~ Fulfilled, because he became the supreme sacrifice.

~ Remember the story of Abraham & Isaac ? recap quickly

~ Do you recall as they climbed the mountain, Abraham said terry here while the laid & I

go, but we will both return. Isaac setting things in order w/ his Father to perform a sacrifice, looked to his Father and said: I see the altar, wood, fire, knife, but where is

the sacrifice?

See how you like this… Isaac being born of the seed of a man, from a women was not a perfect sacrifice, he was corrupt, man is corrupt, unacceptable. This then brings in the saying “ that God will provide himself a sacrifice “ He alone could have been the perfect sacrifice, manifested in his son Jesus.

~ Isaac nor anyone else could have been that sacrifice that was needed, there is only one

w/out spot or wrinkle, the person Jesus Christ.

~ The law being our schoolmaster, lead us to Christ & his Grace.

~ The law could not save us, but it did condemn us. It caused the sinner to see that he is a


Then once saved Romans 8: 1-5 takes effect.

Lets look at vv. 5-8… read

~ Speaking to the Jews… Paul says that it is not the law that we need to appeal to for

Righteousness, but the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Not Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

~ The law required perfect obedience, causing all men to come up short, like Isaac.

~ That show us that the law was impossible to save us, and that everyone even if the

come up short can be saved by God’s wonderful Grace.

~ Law Righteousness: demanded perfect obedience to it. Faith Righteousness: asks for

confession of sins, submission to God, by the Holy Spirit. Which then sets us free from

the law of sin and death. HALLELUJAH !!!!

~ Lets look at vv. 6-8… read

~ Verse 8… Men do not have to search for Christ, the Word, or the Holy Spirit, they are

all nigh to us. We can hear, see, feel that god is among us.

~ Lets look at vv. 9-10 … read

~ Believe in thine heart: because satan tries to blind the mind, but Christ enlightens the heart.

Confess w/ thy mouth:

A. the value of confessing: Evidential that you are now his.

1. A personal expression to His lordship.

B. It is a personal REAVLING in the faith.

C. There is a REASURING of personal faith

There is a change of order in the heart & mouth.

1. Believing comes before confessing.

2. Confession is not something that is done to be saved, it comes naturally after you have been saved from the mouth. Matthew 12: 34 …read

3. To believe w/ your heart is toward God.

4. To confess w/ your mouth is toward men.

A. Confessing w/ the mouth is to confess that Christ is now Lord of your life.

Pastor Stepp


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