Summary: Paul continues to describe the the Gentile that we are in a battle, a battle against sin and a battle to bring as many as we can to Jesus Christ. We must control our minds and become slaves to Christ in everything that we experience in life.

Romans, Part 21

Romans 7:7-25


- Romans 7:4 – key point of bearing fruit …

- Paul reminds us that we are to die to what used to control us

- That is, to put off the things of this world and focus only on Kingdom issues

- All that separates us from living a life for God and today is our current choices

- Will we take the time to repent, and focus on Him; or live the way we are

- The sinful natures are gone; and a new life has been given to all of us

- Today, we are going to talk honestly about sin’s struggles; lots of scripture

- I’ll also share some insight regarding our future tasks in this battle

- Read Romans 7:7-25 / Pray

Point 1 – How are we to live? (7-12)

- Paul’s declaration is clear: We are NO LONGER under the bondage of sin

- The Law clarified for us what is sin, and it is what we are freed from today

- APP: If we live a life bound to sin – to who is it that we blame?

- If Christ has already died, and given us freedom, why do we continue to sin?

- However, because of sin’s power and appeal to the flesh, we often battle it

- What sin does is rise up in us and seize opportunity of weaknesses (daily)

-- It is not because God is mad at us, not because God rejects us

-- But because of who we are and how we are made that sin causes struggle in us

Point 2 – Sin is always to blame; God’s Law isn’t (13-20)

- (13) Sin is always going to be the guilty party; it is never going to be the Law

- When the Law shows us who we are, it is then that we have a choice

-- It’s the same choice we have right now – to obey or not to obey

- Sin not only works through evil, but something good as the Law can be twisted

- Think for a moment of the Crusades our faith went through; brought death!

- There was no glory in it; no honor for God; no lifting up Jesus; no salvation

- It was just war after war and death after death using Jesus as the reason!

- IMP: Christ has come to give us life; He never came to bring us death

- Yet, we have this perfect example of sin being used to warp what God says

- APP: This is why we MUST read, study, know the Word of God!

- (19) Paul says that he wants to do good, but even knowing he still sins

- KEY: There is good news coming so hang tight with me through this part

- A slave cannot act upon his own will; he is bound to the Master’s control

- No matter what he “wants” to do, it is of no good because the Master rules

-- CHALLENGE: When your master pulls the chain, what is your response?

You see, no matter how much Paul delights in what God says; he still sins

- No matter how much he desires to follow; he admits his flesh is weak

- But, this is NOT permission for you and me to signal defeat – not at all!

- TRANS: When we understand ourselves, we are then prepared for the fight

Point 3 – We are in a fight (21-25)

- No matter what Paul wanted to do, he understood that evil was with him always

- APP: This is what you and I must grasp right now, today … and not be defeated

-- It is challenging, it is not always easy, but how worth it is to you?

-- How worth it would it be to live a life for Jesus and proclaim Him to all?

- Sometimes we have to just confess who we are (see verses 24-25)

- It is not about us, no matter what we go through; life is about God’s glory

- Who will rescue me? Who will protect me? Who lives in me? It’s only Jesus!

-- What can wash away your sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

- We must control our minds and be slaves to Christ; but identify what sin is

- It is powerful; it is the weapon of our enemy; however it is defeated by Christ!

- TRANS: So, where do we go from here?

Point 4 – What’s Next?

- This past week was an incredibly eye opening experience for me

- Hearing from other Pastors really showed me something about our church today

- This related directly to what we are talking about this morning – battling sin!

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