Summary: This text reminds us that since His birth, Christ has been seeking a place to stay; He wants to live in our hearts.

Room Wanted. Single male, non-smoker, is seeking a place to stay. Unselfish, good natured, and loves children. A real ‘can-do’ person, able to rise above problems. Great culinary skills (can work wonders with bread and fish) and has experience in wine making. Outstanding skills in managing medical emergencies, counseling, and teaching stress management. Not judgmental – willing to accept you just as you are. An excellent listener, compassionate and has an understanding heart. Have been known to help others change their lives for the better; able to give power to the faint and strength to the powerless. Willing to stay in any unoccupied room and remodel it.

May I stay in your living room? This is the space that you share in fellowship with people outside your home. Is there life in your living room? Are you at peace with neighbors and friends? Do you have trust-relationships with those persons with whom you are not immediately related? Are you seeking fulfillment from the outside-in? Would you give me access to your living room please?

What about your dining room? This is the space that you share in fellowship with people inside of your home. Are minds being fed in your dining room? Are faith, hope and love being fed in your dining room? Does your dining room provide the bread of life or living water? Would you give me access to your dining room please?

What about your bedroom? This is the space that is very personal and is not shared or shared with very few people. Would you share your private thoughts with me? Would you allow me to know your struggles, weaknesses and bad habits? Would you confide in me the things that make you cry? Would you tell me about the things that you despise about yourself? Would you give me access to your bedroom please?

Room Wanted. I can fill a living room with abundant life, make a dining room a place of sweet communion, or blanket a bedroom with irresistible rest and incomprehensible peace. Capable of providing security, and will watch over the house while you are sleeping.

Room Wanted. There was no room for me at my birth. I was wrapped in rags and slept in a feeding trough. I had to leave my home town and live in Egypt.

Room Wanted. I was in the world, I made this world, but world did not know me intimately. I came unto my own and they did not receive me. On Palm Sunday, they hailed me but on Good Friday, they nailed me.

Room Wanted. The foxes have holes and the birds have nest, but I have nowhere to call home. I want to live with you in your heart.

If you do not have room for me, then what is filling that space? Is that space filled with anger, pride, envy, jealousy, lust, bitterness, resentment, insecurity, greed, doubt, selfishness, prejudice, hatred, sorrow, bad memories, fear, hunger, unforgiveness, loneliness or darkness?

If you make room for me, I can be whatever you need me to be. If you are being accused by others or your own guilt, then I can be your advocate. If you cannot navigate your life, then I can be your shepherd. If you need wisdom, then I can be your counselor. If you are unstable, then I can be your rock. If you are confused, then I can be your teacher. And above all, if you are willing, I can be your Savior, Lord and God. I can pardon your sin and make you a new creation. But you must first make room for me.

Would love to discuss this request over a meal! If interested, then please just open your door …

“Listen, I am standing at the door, knocking. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you and eat with you, and you with me”

Room Wanted. Amen.

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