Summary: Take away rules and you have no game in sports. Take away God’s commandments and Rules and you have chaos and life implodes.

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Rules and Boundaries Give Meaning to Sports and Life.

-Practice setting Boundaries for Your Life-

Matthew 7:21-27

It is the rules and boundaries that make sports an exciting game. Take away the rules and boundaries and you have no game. Even so in the Christian life God’s commandments are given for our own good. God gave us boundaries to keep us safe and remove confusion from our lives. Without rules and boundaries your life would be in constant chaos and all relationships would implode.

To play tennis you first need to know the rules and then play by the rules. You can go out on a tennis court and hit the ball but unless you know the rules of the game you’re just hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racquet. You’re not really playing tennis.

There are 4 points to a tennis game – Love is zero, the second point is 15, third point is 30 and the fourth point is 40. You have to win by two points so after 40 your have either duce, add in or add out.

To play the game of tennis you need to know where to stand to serve. You need to know where to serve and the difference between singles lines and doubles lines. In scoring you always call the servers score first.

God has set boundaries for your own good. When you know the boundaries and practice them you enjoy a fun filled life. When you know and practice boundaries you enjoy freedom and security.

I. Boundaries Give Freedom

Jesus said in John 8:31-32, “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

What is a boundary? One description of a boundary is a legal description of property. A legal description gives the beginning and end of our property. This past week we found the Title to this property in our safety deposit box at Wells Fargo Bank. In the title we have our legal description of our 3.2 acres of property owned by the Willow Vale Church. The legal description defines the property owned by the church. We are limited to build only on the land we own. To go beyond the boundaries would be to break the laws of the city and county.

God has given everyone the freedom to choose. You can choose to stay within His boundaries or go outside His boundaries. It is in that true freedom to choose that you find authentic love.

Freedom defines love.

Whether it is your relationship to God or to others if you take away freedom you take away love. It is only when you are free to chose and disagree that you are free to love. When you live without freedom you live in fear and love dies. You cannot actually love someone if you don’t feel you have a choice to love or not to love.

It is possible to live without boundaries. The devil will try to fool you into thinking that living without boundaries is the way to freedom.

You may say the Ten Commandments are not relevant today. Ted Turner, owner of CNN New Network, and TBS television said in a speech: “The Ten Commandments are out of date.” He offered to replace the Ten Commandments with his own version which he called the Ten Voluntary Initiatives.

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