Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: II Kings 4:1-7 - The story of the Widow of the Prophet with the endless bottle of oil


A. It is thought by some that Obadiah of I Kings 18 could have been the husband of this widow.

B. At any rate we know she is the widow of a prophet and prior to his death she had no worries.

C. All was well until death came knocking on her door and then her whole life was turned upside down.

a. He died

b. The creditor came

c. Her sons were the bounty

d. The cupboards were bare

e. The bank account was empty

D. Now she is Running on Empty and feeling hopeless, however, she beckons to the Prophet in her despair.

I. The Reason for the Emptiness

A. Death had robbed her of her husband and her means of support

B. Debt was wrapped around her neck and she was hopeless

C. Depression - she was going to lose her sons if something didn't happen quickly

D. Desperation - she turned to the prophet when all things were gone from the house save a bottle of oil

II. The Reality of the Experience

A. Provision of a Possession - she stilled owned a bottle of oil

B. Preparation of the Pots - go borrow vessels; as many as you can

C. Personal and Private - then step beyond the threshold of your house, close the door, and let your sons see God's provision

III. The Results of the Endowment

A. Debt Satisfied - Go pay off the creditor

B. Daily Sustenance - Live on what is left for the rest of your life.


A. What is the Reason for your Emptiness - Death, Debt, Disease, Despair

B. Do you desire the Reality of an Experience in Christ - Now is the best time to cry out to Him - He specializes in things thought impossible.

C. Results are the Blessings of Accepting Him - You have a Savior who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He cares. He never leaves nor forsakes us. He can sustain us for all our life.

D. The move of His Spirit in your life - He promised an abiding with us; a comforter in times of conflict; one who would be with us...always.

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