Summary: 3 of 3. Joshua prepared the children of Israel for entrance into the promised land. God's people must be prepared to enter the good/abundant life. But How can they safeguard it? The Good Life is Safeguarded at/by/thru...

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Good Life/Well/Abundant


Some things are worth protecting.

The Good Life we have in Christ is particularly worth safeguarding/ protecting.


We all want ‘the good life.’

Joshua prepared the children of Israel for entrance into the promised land.

Christians must be prepared to enter the abundant life.

How can God’s people be prepared for entering the abundant life?

4 safeguards/assurances for entering the promised land/ living the Abundant Life/Good Life

We found earlier that The Good Life is Safeguarded at/by/thru...

1. The BRINK(:1)

2. The LORD(:2-4)

3—The Good Life is Safeguarded at/by/thru...



:5—“And Joshua said to the people, “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.””

In order to prepare for the crossing, the people were to consecrate themselves.

Joshua knew that the LORD would do something miraculous in the sight of all the people. It would happen the next day. They were to be prepared for the events of the following day.

?Do you Prepare for worship? or ?How do you prepare for worship?

The Lord is going to do something for you, so you must personally ready yourself to receive its full benefits!

Some of you don’t have the first clue how to give God permission to use you. Let it begin here for you...with receiving the truth! God requires your permission!

He will never force Himself upon you, will also have to live with the consequences of your own choice(s).

“Sanctify/Consecrate”—vdq kaw-dash’—Hitpael(reflexive/reciprocal) Imperative—to “Sanctify” or ‘Holify’[the noun ‘Holy’ made into a verb]—1) To consecrate, sanctify, prepare, dedicate, be hallowed, be holy, be sanctified, be separate. Strong—a primitive root; To be(causatively--Make, pronounce or observe as) clean(ceremonially or morally).

“Wonders”—alp paw-law'—1) To be marvelous, be wonderful, be surpassing, be extraordinary, separate by distinguishing action. Strong—a primitive root; properly--Perhaps to separate, i.e. Distinguish(literally or figuratively); by implication--To be(causatively--Make) great, difficult, wonderful.


Ex. 3:4-5—[Moses at the burning bush]—“So when the LORD saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush & said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” Then He said, “Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.”

Don’t even bring the dust of your travels for you are in the presence of utter holiness!

Lev. 11:45, 19:2, 20:7, 26—“‘For I am the LORD who brings you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God. You shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.”.....“Speak to all the congregation of the children of Israel, & say to them: ‘You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy.”.....“‘Consecrate yourselves therefore, & be holy, for I am the LORD your God.....“‘And you shall be holy to Me, for I the LORD am holy, & have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.”

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