Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Finding that place of refuge in the storms of life.

Safety In The Secret Place

If there’s one thing that David knew well, it was the art of finding a good hiding place. He was the youngest of Jesse’s boys and no doubt got picked on as the “baby of the family”. As a young shepherded boy David would know the best places to keep a safe watch over the sheep. As a member of Saul’s court David found himself on the run, at times, by this insanely jealous king. And once on the throne of Israel, David would, time and again, retreat to safety from his enemies.

Every one of us face those seasons of our life when we are forced to seek shelter, a place of refuge from not only physical disaster but those emotional and sometimes spiritual storms as well.

Our nation watched as Katrina ravaged Louisiana and Alabama. We were moved as tens of thousands fled the storm to take refuge in the Louisiana Superdome. For days national news covered the scene as the place of shelter mutated into an all out fight for survival. We watched as thousands left the stadium convinced their chances of survival would be better in the storm than in the shelter.

It’s hurricane season again and what has become a household term is buzzing around in conversations all over area… “Hurricane preparedness”. People around here don’t want to get caught in the scenario we saw our neighbors to the West face. But the fact is, we will.

Whether or not Florida escapes a natural storm, none of us will escape every storm of life. Some might face a physical storm, some a spiritual storm, others an emotional storm and still others the storms of sorrow and loss. When you think about it, life, with all of it’s pleasures and joys, also comes with its’ share of crisis and disaster too.

This morning I don’t want to focus on the storms. They will come and go. I do, however want to give you my answer to another frequently asked question during this season, “Where will you go if a big one hits?”

Text: Psalm 91:1-2

“There is this place….”

A. It’s A Place of Dwelling “He that dwells”

1. Safety is on the inside

a. a lot of people look toward God in trouble

• “I hope to God…”

• When trouble comes I’m not going to hope to Him” - I’m going to run to Him!

Psalm 46:1c-5

Psalm 30:5

2. It’s a Secret place.

a. The thought is “a place of hiding the face”

b. When the bully comes

3. It’s a Safe place.

a. Shall abide – “lodge of resting”

b. Others might shutter at the noises of the night, but not you!

c. “under the shadow” – protection, shield

d. You’re sipping the umbrella drink while your enemy is sweating in the heat of the Son!

4. It’s a Secure place.

a. Look who’s guarding the door – He is the Door!

i. Elyon - Overwhelming One

ii. El Shaddai - The One who is enough

iii. Yahweh - I AM

iv. Elohim - The Trinity acting in unity

1. The Father in the power of His love

2. The Son in the provision of His grace

3. The Spirit in the potentiality of His strength

“It is not my hand, outstretched, but the Hand mine grasps that holds me up”.

b. God is not only with me in the cleft of the rock, He is the Rock!

Psalm 27:5

Psalm 31:20

B. It’s a place of Telling “I will say of the Lord”

You just can’t keep this place secret.

Ezekiel 33:2-5

C. It’s a place of Trusting “My God, in Him will I trust”

Ours is a God whose chief characteristic is faithfulness and trustworthiness!

Trust – a confident expectation that He will…

Provide, Protect, Deliver

Jesus Never Fails!

In the words of the hymnist W.J. Henry

When I travel the pathway so rugged and steep. When I pass through the valley so dark and so deep. When the snares for my soul by my foes have been set, Jesus never has failed me yet.

So I walk by His side in the heat of the day. Where He leads me I’ll follow, His will I obey. And He makes me to conquer the ills that beset. Jesus Never has failed me yet.

He never has failed me yet. He never has failed me yet. I have proven Him true. What He says, He will do. Jesus never has failed me yet.

A note from Pastor Terry,

Thanks so much for looking over this message. I trust that, in some way, you were blessed, encouraged and empowered on your own walk with Christ. Every message I prepare is bathed in prayer that God will draw, inspire, and challenge my listeners (or readers) into a more meaningful and power-filled walk with Him.

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