Summary: To Dance with the Father is to engage in an intimate relationship with the Creator. This series addresses how to relate with God by focusing on the Father instead of on the steps of the dance.

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Salvation and Solitude

March 3, 2013

Video: 40 Million Minutes

Wow! The average person will spend less than 6 hours per month, 3 days per year and 7 mo. in their lifetime seeking God. I wonder – does your life blow the curve? How much time do you spend in a week seeking, serving and sharing about Jesus?

This AM, I want to embark on a new journey w/ you. It is a journey into intimacy. It is a journey where some of us might need to be untaught what it means to be Christian and then taught what it means to have a relationship w/ God. And if I were honest – this is my story; but through this series, I want to teach us all how to spiritually dance w/ the Creator.

Several years ago, John Fischer wrote a book entitled, Real Christians Dance. His book caused quite a stir among the more conservative ranks of the faith who allowed the title to cause them to miss the point. For some, the word dance is a 4-letter word that causes the masses to rent their clothes and breakout in the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Yet dancing is a great analogy for this thing we call the Christian life. Now I’m not referring to slam dancing or dirty dancing but to spiritual movement that seeks to be intimate w/ the Father.

Intimacy is refers to sharing in a close relationship marked by familiarity and transparency w/ others.

Intimacy is into me you see. Josh McDowell

Truth is it’s impossible to have a quality relationship w/ anyone, including God, w/out intimacy/transparency.

Unfortunately, too many believers have a mistaken impression of what it means to have an intimate walk w/ God. Too many believers think God exists to respond to their wants and whims – and when He doesn’t they surrender their faith to the next best offer. As a result, they walk through life impoverished and angry b/c they’ve missed out on the abundant life.

I can’t speak for you, but I’ve experienced this battle ever since the day I invited Christ into my life; then one day, when at a crossroad in my faith when I was confused and frustrated. I found myself longing for the abundant life but only knowing Pharisee-ism.

You’d think it’d be an easy decision, but it wasn’t. All I’d ever known about Christianity I’d learned from people who knew the law inside and out, but didn’t understand how to have a relationship w/ Jesus. I knew the pomp and circumstance, and how to sing Just as I am, but I didn’t know the blessing of an intimate relationship w/ God.

In the summer of 1993, God took me out for a spin. It began w/ a book entitled The Performance Illusion…

I MEET the Lord of the Dance

To begin to enjoy the Christian dance one must first be introduced and enter into a relationship w/ Christ.

A PROMISE—God loves you

God loves all people and desires that each of us have an unbroken fellowship w/ Him. (John 3:16)

B PROBLEM—You are a sinner

All have sinned and made mistakes contrary to the heart will of God. To sin is to choose your own way and do things you know God wouldn’t approve. (Rm. 3:10)

C PENALTY—Sin separates you from God

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