Summary: The only hope we have of being saved from the evils and terrors of today world is Jesus Christ


“The hope of this world”

Text : Romans 5: 1-12

Definition of hope; Too desire with expectation of fulfillment.

I. Men hopes here in this world.

A. As children we start building hopes

1. Gifts at holidays and our birthdays.

2. Bicycles

3. Amusement parks

4. Car

5. Dating

6. College

B. As adults our hopes changes and are more depth in planning

1) Careers- Employment

2) Marriage

3) Homes

4) Children

5) Retirement

6) Traveling and Vacations

C. Many of men hopes are for better things in their lives than they have experienced:

1) Better financial than when they grew up

2) Better homes than they had growing up.

3) Better education for their children.

4) Not wishing their children to make the same mistakes as them.

D. Many hopes of men are never fulfilled.

1) The gift that you desired, you did not received.

2) The car you had in mind was not affordable.

3) The one you wanted to marry did not feel the same as you.

4) The house you wanted was not available.

5) Your corporation closed their doors before you could retire.

6) Death came along.

JAMES 4:14 “ Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow . For what is your life? It is even as vapor that appeareth for a little while and vanishes away”

JAMES 4:15 “ For that ye ought to say, If the lord will, and do this and that.”

JOB 14:1 “ Man that is born of a woman is of few days full of trouble”

II. Man hopes, in this present world, has been driven by worldly lusts, imaginations and possessions of this world. I go to achieve what I desire no matter the morality, as long as my hopes are achieved.

GOD said the imagination of a man heart is evil from his youth.

A. No answers to GOD that why prayer was taken out of the schools. Man does not what to be under God or recognize any higher power than man himself.

B. Man wants to fill every lust their heart desires with no reprimand. Whether it be an abominations unto GOD and totally immoral or not. Homosexuality and lesbians is taking this nation and destroying the very foundation of GOD plan for man and his family. Pornographic materials and sexual misconduct with children is filling this nation.

C. Man wants to control life and give it and takes it he seems fit. The United States abortion rate is now at 1/3 of babies being conceived is being aborted. With further studies in stem cell research. Man will be able to change the sex of a fetus from a male to a female. Man wants to create their version of man.

What hope do we have in this world, United States, and even in our church world today?


III. In this past week, many hopes of good, moral, and decent people, were crushed by the bombing of the World’s Trade Center, The pentagon, and the crashing of the plane in Pennslyvania.

A. Families were left father and motherless. Children were killed.

B. Our peaceful nations as we knew it changed.

C. Realization sets in “ we are not infallible”

1. Did not heed to warnings. Could not take the time to make sure all was secure. No time for the inconvenience of checking out something that just does not seem right. Time passing by quickly and we are in a hurry to accomplish our hopes. September 11,2001 Hope stood still as disaster struck costing us beyond imaginable.

2. Now our hopes change to conquering the enemy. Making him pay for his unspeakable act.

3. We are calling for unity to comfort the victims, send aide to those in need, and find and destroy the enemy. These are all good and just. But does it bring life. I am for helping and comforting them that are in need. But our hope of accomplishing this is in CHRIST JESUS.

IV. The fight against terrorism:

Terrorism: The act or practice of terrorizing. To cause terror. A revolution to overthrow a government or change the ways of a nation.

A. President Bush and Congress plan to announce war on terrorism. An enemy that is all over the world. An enemy who can not be seen and has no place as his true home.

B. Ben Laden is the enemy and must be brought to justice. I agree but when he is destroyed there are hundreds more to take his place that are more fierce.

C. The true fight is against sin and the father of all sin, Satan. For he is the destroyer of life. The true terrorism leader. The cause of men and children to lose all hope, joy, and peace.

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