Summary: This sermon looks at ten aspects of Salvation that are revealed in Peters message to Cornelius and his household.

Salvation is…

1. For everyone v. 34-35 – God shows no partiality but will accept all who turn to Him.

2. From God v. 36 – God is the one who initiated this reconciliation between Himself and mankind. We could do nothing to change our fate.

3. Through Jesus v. 36 – Jesus is the Lamb which God promised to take away the sins of the world. There is no other way.

4. Evidenced by the Spirit v. 38 – The Holy Spirit empowered Jesus ministry in the flesh just as He empowers us to continue that ministry today.

5. Witnessed by the apostles v. 39 – The apostles saw first hand the things which Jesus did up to and including His death and resurrection. We are witnesses to great things as well by giving testimony to the way He has changed our lives and the lives of those around us because of His death and resurrection.

6. Provided through crucifixion v. 39 – Our salvation was made available through Christ’s death on the cross for our sin. God’s justice was satisfied completely.

7. Proved in resurrection v. 40 – While the work for salvation was finished on the cross, the proof that it was really finished is given in the resurrection. Death, the grave, and hell have no power over those who are in Christ. We have assurance and hope as a result.

8. Preached by believers v. 42 – We are commanded to proclaim this good news to all people just as the apostles were.

9. The standard by which all will be judged v. 42 – God has given Jesus the role as final arbiter of our eternal state based on how we have responded to this message of the gospel.

10. The only way to receive forgiveness v. 43 – If we are to receive forgiveness for our sin and reconciliation to God we must seek it based upon the shed blood of Jesus and that alone.

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