Summary: A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way! Sin is the same way. When it sidelines us we discover how it breaks our fellowship with God. We see this in the life of Sampson. Let’s study it together!

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"Out of bounds" That’s what every referee says when your foot crossses the little unforbidden white line. The sad thing is, when this occurs, not only are we, the player out of bounds but the whole team, the coach and the fans are too!

Often times, others are penalized because of our own mistakes. Like the athelete who crosses the out of bounds mark, the forbidden territory, we become sidelined. Sidelined by our sin.

One good example is that of Sampson. He too became sidelined by his own sin. However, many others were affected by his costly decision.

In this three part examination, in part one we see how it all starts. Hopefully we can see ourselves and the affect sin has on the child of God as we look at Sampson’s Conception!

Main Division

I. The Circumstances Surrounding His Conception (13:1)

II. The Courier Who Announced Sampson’s Conception (13:2-3)

III. The Conditions Of Sampson’s Conception (13:4-7)

Conclusion: Let God gain control of your sins and you will gain control of your life!

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