Summary: Samson was the quintessential example of the double minded man... unstable in all he did.


A Double-Minded Man

Judges 16


Samson has long been a negative example held up before children and adults. He is a negative example of ... uncontrolled passion, an undisciplined life, a disobedient servant, and a carnal believer.

But the truth is that Samson was a jumble of contradiction. Chapter 15 is a record of that contradiction.

On the one hand On the other hand

Samson sinned in marrying thePhilistine woman

He straightened up and judged Israel for 20 years

He decided to go to his wife, to do the right thing by her

He destroyed people's livelihood out of a childish fit of rage

His sense of justice burned He handled it badly, murdering in him many

He was ready to sacrifice self for But yet he went down to

his people Delilah

He won his greatest victory He died in needlessly

for God

The bible speaks a great deal about people like Samson.

James 1:8 says that a double-minded man is "unstable in all he does" and that such a person "should not think that He will receive anything from the Lord."

The Lord is so displeased with the double-minded that He promises that they will receive nothing good from Him.

But who are the double-minded? How can we know that we are not?

We don't want to be because the consequences are dire... nothing from God.

Well, we can find out by looking at some other passages... and a song.

Psalm 119:112-113 In this section David helps us immensely because he gives us a picture of the single minded man. In 112 David says, "My heart is set on keeping your decrees, to the very end.

The sihngle minded man is the man who has his desires, his affections, his goals SET ON OBEDIENCE TO GOD.

Maybe Vince Gill can help us out a lot at this point too, because he gives us a picture of the double-minded man... He sings a song that says, "I've got two loves in my life now. A true love and one that's brand new. I'm not really sure that I know how, to keep one and tell one we're through. I can't sleep at night, I toss and I turn, I keep losing sight of the lessons I've learned. Well, I'm standing at the cross roads, with just one concern... which bridge to cross, and which one to burn.

The double-minded man is a person that cannot decide, who can not commit, who cannot burn his bridges....

The double minded man is the one who puts his hand to the plow, but tries to plow while looking backward.... he is the man who goes back and forth while crossing the bridge... unable to decide which way to go... and even when he finally gets to one side stands there looking back across to the other side and wishing he was there... his body is here but his mind is over there.

This is the man who truly wants to "have his cake and eat it too."

And because he is unable to make a decision.... he spends all of his time going back and forth and always longing for the greener grass on the other side.

How many ladies would abide this situation: A husband who is double-minded about two women. He goes back and forth, from bed to bed.

and when he is with one, he is wishing he was with the other............ 1 in a million.

How would she feel? Just like David felt in v113... "I hate double-minded

men." AND GOD HATES THEM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

You understand why a wife would hate a double-minded husband.

You understand that David was a general and he needed men that he could count on, men who were dedicated, men who were single-minded. As a

general he would hate soldiers that would turn and run.

And God hates his children to be wishy-washy, double minded. He accused

the church at Laodicea, in the book of the Revelation. He accused them

saying, "I know by your deeds you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that

you were either one or the other. so because you are lukewarm- neither

hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth."


A lesson from Samson may help us.

To Be Single-Minded Requires....


There must be a defining moment of choice in your life when you choose

to be single-minded. • •

Most people are double-minded not because the made a conscious decision

to be double­minded, but because they did not make a conscious decision “NOT TO BE'' double­minded.

Like congress passing it's pay-raise last week.... had to make a motion and

vote to stop it. .

Double-minded is natural and normal. It happens without any effort.

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