Summary: This message lifts our mind beyond the coffin and shifts it to the splendor of Heaven.

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Intro. In the text this morning, the Psalmist contrast the lives of the wicked with that of the righteous. He declares the difference between thier portions in this life and the life to come. He reminds us that the wicked have their portion in this life. But all must die. One, results in the final loss and the other in the ultimate gain. Observe, he doesn’t give death any credit. He simply bypasses it, and declares; "When I Awaken." Implicit in the text, is the Psalmist wish to place our minds on that great awakening, as oppose to that last walk in the "valley of the shadow of death." He knows that he too will die but makes no mention of life’s dreaded enemy.

I. A Personal Affirmation (As for me)

II. Precious Anticipation. (I will behold thy face)

III. Perfect Condition. (In rightousness)

IV. Prophetic Utterance. (When I awake)

V. Perpetual Awakening. (Awake in glory)

VI. Preeminent Comparison. (In Thy Likeness)

Conclusion: The first sight for me on this side was my mother. The first sight on the other side will be a perfect vision of Jesus.

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