Summary: Basic Biblical teaching on the reality and existence of Satan

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Satan Demons and the Spiritual Realm

- We have an enemy

- We would never believe before 9/11 a plane would be used as a bomb

- America does not believe we have an enemy

The Harris Poll

- 48% believe Invasion of Iraq strengthen war on terror

- 36% Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

- Al Qaeda is not out to destroy us

Barna Research & Born Again

- 2001 58 % Say that Satan is not a living being but a symbol of evil

- 2004 Went up to 60%

- 2001 45% Say Satan does not exist

- 2004 - Went up to 50%

Chinese Sun Tzu THE ART OF WAR

- The oldest military manual in the world

400-320 B.C

• If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

• If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

• If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

- Bible never proves existence of Satan

- Ezk 28:13-19

Who Was Satan?

1. Satan is Created - v.13

- Satan is not equal with God

- He is a finite

- He is not everywhere

- He does not know everything

- He is subject to God

2. Satan Was A Cherub - v.14

- Cherub highest of Angels

- Meaning Guardian of Holiness

Ark of Covenant

- Powerful

- Able to deceive

3. Satan Was Beautiful - v.13

Lucifer- Radiant Light

- Covered in gems

- Attractive

4. Satan Gifted in Music - v.13

- Latest modern Translations do not include this

-Tabrets Tambourine or small drum

- Pipes wind instruments

- Music 1st mentioned in Bible - Jubel - Gen 4.21

- Descendant from Cane - the ungodly line

- Music can praise or pervert

What Caused Satan To Fall

1. Sin - Ezk 28:13

Lk 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven

Ezk 28:15 - Created perfect

2. Rebellions Lead to His Destruction

Reared it’s head in pride - Ezk . 28:17

Is 14:12-15 – I will’s

3. Wanted to Replace God

Is 14:13-14

- Weaken the nations Is 14:12

- America is doing this

- Don’t want God - on our money, in our Court

House, in our Schools, in our music, in our speech

When Did Satan Fall?

- Fell before garden - Ezk 28:12

Gen 3:1 Serpent is Satan in the Garden

- Rev. 12:9, Rev. 20:2 Called “that old serpent”

1. Gap Theory

Between Gen 1:1 & 1:2 a disaster earth ruined

At v. 3 a re-creation - making evolution fit

2. Theory 2

Satan Fell between Gen 1:2 & Gen 1:3

Theory 3

Some time after Creation Gen 1:31 & Gen 2:1

Ex. 20:11 Col 1:16 Neh 9:6

- Satan Fell to earth

- The Battle Field is here

Names of Satan

Prince of the demons

- Learn a lot about a person by their name

- Satan has 3 main names

Lucifer - Is. 14:12 - Light Barer, Shining One

Morning Star

Satan - Accuser, Adversary, 1st time 1Chron 21:1

Real time with Job Ch. 1 & 2

NT Devil - Mt 4:1- Slander, Accusing falsely

Bring us up to God to destroy us

Rev. 9:11 - Angel of the bottomless pit

Abbaddon Heb. - Ruin, Destruction, Death

Apollyon Gk- Destroyer

Beelzebub Mt.12:24- Lord of the flies (house)

or Prince of evil spirits

Other Names – Liar & Father of Lies - Jn 8:44

Dragon - Rev. 12:3

God of this World - 2 Cor 4:4

Unclean Spirit - Mt 12:43

Wicked One - Mt 13:19,38

- Just by his name you know he is evil and vile

- Satan is not playing games

- Remember Satan was made into a joke by

The Flip Wilson Show from 1970 to 74. His most

memorable character on the variety show was the sassy Geraldine who liked to quip "The devil made me do it" and "What you see is what you get." Died of liver cancer 1998 - Age 64

What Is Satan Doing

Works Through His Forces

- Satan will be in the place where he can have the

most influence

- Limited so he delegates - Eph 6:12

- Here is Rank & File

-Rev 12:3-4 He drew a third of heaven with him

- Lk 8:29-30 Man with unclean Spirit - Legion

- Legion = 6,000 - for one man

- Millions of Demons

Rules this World

1 Jn 5:19

Job 1:7

2 Cor. 4:4

- To influence through anything he can use to attack us

- Demons attack even in church Wheat & tares

Mt. 13:24-30 to stir and

Satan’s Destruction

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