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Summary: In order to resist him - you must recognize him for who he is and what is his purpose.

Satan is just doing his job!

Subject: In order to resist him - you must recognize him for who he is and what is his purpose.

Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came along also to present himself before the Lord. And the Lord asked, "Where have you come from and what have you been doing?" Satan replied "Here and there upon the earth, walking to and fro."Job 2:1-2

When we read the book of Job, we find it to be one of the most remarkable books of the Bible. An Epic poem that is an illustrious ode to faith. The book takes it’s name from the main character - a man called Job. A man acclaimed as a patriarch; one who is distinguishable by his integrity and piety. His wealth was vast and because of his faithfulness to God, his domestic happiness was immeasurable. This historical recollection begins with a wager between God and Satan.

God and his board members were in the midst of a meeting and the angels were giving their reports when lo and behold, in walks Satan, late. Doing research, it appears that Satan considered himself the tattletale or the secret agent to bring back reports of failure and destruction. He could be considered a CIA agent - Chaotic Indiscretion Accuser. One could say he was a master spy on the road to becoming a hostile agent. After arriving in his flamboyant manner, disrupting the meeting in progress, God stopped and asked him where had he been and what had he been doing. After giving the response of how he was out and about causing stress and duress, God challenged him to attempt to tempt his faithful servant Job. Job a man of wealth and prestige. Job, a father, a husband. Job owner of land and cattle and servants. Job a prosperous man. Job a man of great faith. Satan, one who is indeed full of self; wanted an edge. He replied to the wager with an allegation, as he was miffed at the fact that Job was protected or shielded by God; thusly he begins accusing God of placing a hedge about him.

God informs Satan he will remove his hand from his servant, and Satan is cocky enough to believe that this is a wager he was going to win. I imagine giggling with glee as he anticipated this so called great man finally turning on God after he had suffered afflictions and infections.

Now we all know the story of Job. He lost his children. He lost his wealth. He lost his cattle. He lost his health. He lost everything. His friends talked about him and turned on him even accused him of some type of infidelity. His wife wanted him to give up and give in. Job even wavered a little and wondered why he was being forsaken; but though his faith faltered it never failed.

You see it is easy to be faithful and thankful to God when all is well and all is right. However, Job lost his empire, his offspring, and his well being. His life was torrent filled yet he knew where his strength lied. His helpmate told him to curse God and die; his comrades offered console that was incorrect and inept. However, Job ignored the unsound theology of his spouse and buddies. Job simply goes to God and pleads his case; and Satan was unsuccessful in his attempt to cause this great servant to curse God. In the end, Job’s wealth was multiplied many times over; and what Satan meant for his demise God allowed it to be his deliverance.

Let us look at the definition of Satan or Devil or Lucifer: which literally means, an adversary, antagonist, or accuser, prosecutor, persecutor, one who distresses or oppresses. In Zechariah 3:1-2 the title adversary is given. We find it to mean, destroyer, one to cause demise, one who devours and demolishes. His purpose is to dissolve and diminish the faith of God’s children to decapitate their trust and to cause their hope to die. He has distinct characteristics that all indicate one who is determined to delete those who love God. Satan’s job description indicates one who is out to cause chaos and confusion. So when adversity intrude in your life, it is necessary for you to understand, Satan will attack those who love the Lord, simply because he already owns those who refuse to acknowledge God. Why go after what you already own?

Satan has various attack methods. He will attempt to exterminate your faith. He wants to overthrow your confidence in God. He wants you to think negatively about God. He wants you to doubt the power of God. He thrives for us to be skeptical about God and his authority. Satan is not interested in what God has done or what he can do. He is not interested in what he has said or has not said. He simply wants us to doubt that God said what he said, and doubt that God had done all he has done. Satan want’s to fill our hearts with questions about God and our minds with suspension about God. He thrives to cause us to distrust God’s love as he misrepresents God to us. So we must recognized him for what he is and understand what he is doing, Satan is just doing his job.

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