Summary: complete salvation with God is a process; justification, sanctification, and glorification!

We have been noting over and over again even as recent as the last chapter, the disciples ignored the situation when they could not understand Jesus. Finally, in a personal private setting, the disciples asked Jesus for an explanation!! I wonder how Jesus felt here? How do we feel when someone really interested asks us to explain something? I’m guessing Jesus was thrilled to hear the disciples ask.

v11-12: Jesus gives further details to the disciples. Jesus actually has a lot to say about divorce but in this verse Jesus simply states, in general, divorce will happen but God still hates it.

Now, in this passage, I believe, the questioning may be about divorce but the lesson is really about spiritual growth. The disciples gave an indication of spiritual growth by trying to understand what Jesus was saying and Jesus encouraged them.

Our scripture of the week is a reminder for spiritual growth: Philippians 2:12c states - continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. The recipients of the Letter to the Philippians were already Christians (saved) but they were instructed to work out their salvation. All Christians must understand and grasp the process of salvation: There is Justification - penalty of sins have been paid for as one believes in Jesus Christ)! Justified - Just as if I have never sinned!

There is Sanctification - the justified saying no to sin to be more godly while still on earth!

There is Glorification - the justified completely changed, body and soul, and brought to heaven!

One of the major lessons from Mark 10:1-12 is about Salvation by looking at the hearts of the Pharisees and Disciples. One cannot be justified (saved) with a hard heart for God!

One cannot be sanctified (changed for God) without Jesus Christ, God’s Word, and willingness to listen and follow God!

How do we see ourselves in this process of Salvation? See chart… Pray….

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