Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Sermon is from Luke 19:1-10 concerning the salvation and call of Zacchaeus


A. The entrance of sin in the Garden over a tree

a. Brought hiding – Where are you?

b. Brought running – I heard you, but…

c. Brought fear – I was afraid

B. The fraternal twins of the fall of humanity - Sin and hiding

C. While we may be hiding due to our sin God is seeking us out

D. A Great Example of this in the Bible comes in the true story of Jesus and His encounter with a fascinating little man named Zacchaeus in Luke 19.

I. Jesus Came to Find - Luke 19:1-5

A. No matter who we are He knows us

a. Chief Publican – in charge

b. Rich – from ill gain

c. Worked for Roman Government

B. No matter what we are doing He cares for us

a. Greedy

b. Conniving

c. Schemer - Liar

C. No matter where we are He can find us

a. In Jericho

i. City built under a curse – Joshua 6:26, I Kings 16:34

ii. Safety there because only priests dwelt there

b. In a Tree

In a Sycamore Tree That is a very important little detail in this story. The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible says this about the sycamore fig tree: "Because the branches of the sycamore-fig are strong and wide-spreading, and because it produces many lateral branches, it was an easy tree for Zacchaeus to climb, and in which he could easily be hidden."

II. Jesus Came to Forgive - Luke 19:6-7

A. Hurry Down – Today is the Day of Salvation

a. Timely call - Now

b. Personal call - Zacchaeus

B. Honors Him – Today I want to be with you

a. Eat with him

b. Stay with him

C. The Hostility – The crowd was hostile

a. No matter the crowd it is personal with God

b. Others may not understand but God does

III. Jesus Came to Free - Luke 19:8-10

A. Free From Guilt – He was carrying around the guilt of sin

B. Free from Greed – He wanted to restore and repay

C. Free from Goods of this world – Restored as a thief - Exodus 22:1-2


A. If it had not been for the Tree in Garden – would man have fallen?

B. If it had not been for the Sycamore Tree – Would Zacchaeus have known Christ?

C. If it had not been for the Tree at Calvary – Where would we be?

Christ came to SEEK and to SAVE those that are LOST! Verse 10

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