Summary: In our passage we find the actions that one takes when he is striving to give himself to Christ as God requires in His Word. By the grace that is the believer¡¦s through his salvation, every man can purify & adorn himself as God requires.

TITUS 2: 11-15


[1 Timothy 2:4-8]

Last week we learned that we adorn the Gospel by our behavior and actions (2:10). But why should the Christian pursue this respectable and dignified life? The grace of God is the reason why every member of the God's forever family can and should live the Christian or sanctified life.

Christ's grace gift of Himself impels us to live a life dedicated to Him. In our passage we find the actions that one takes when he is striving to give himself to Christ as God requires in His Word. By the grace that is the believer¡¦s through his salvation, every man can purify and adorn himself as God requires (CIM).

The power to live as a Christian comes from the Holy Spirit. Because Christ died and rescued us from sin, we are free from sin's control. God graciously gives us the power and understanding to live according to His will and to do good. When we do, we look forward to Christ's wonderful return with eager expectation and hope.




God¡¦s entire process of redemption is rooted in grace. Verse 1 proclaims why we develop disciples as just described [in 2:1-10]. ¡§For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men.¡¨

People couldn't save themselves so God's grace brought salvation to lost mankind. This salvation was not brought about by man but appeared [epiphaneia, became clearly known, visible, apparent] to them in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

God's grace is His active favor in bestowing the greatest gift upon those who deserve great punishment. God in His grace gave His Son to redeem those in the bondage of sin. This grace that brings salvation is for all men (describing power and range) who will receive it. Salvation is at the door of every man's heart since the grace of God has appeared to all of them. God¡¦s grace offers salvation to everyone but most will not respond to the grace of God which shines into human darkness.

All the human race could rightfully expect is that they would be punished for their sins. But an offer of mercy is given by the Judge who stepped down from His Judgment Throne of Glory, to take upon Himself the guilt and penalty of human sin, this payment satisfied justice and made it possible to bestow mercy upon a hell-deserving sinner.

It's a good thing our library gives a GRACE PERIOD before it starts charging for overdue books. My family checks out multiple books and sometimes we forget to get them back on time.

On one occasion one of my daughters passed the grace period - by more than 3 weeks. When I went to pay the fine, I asked if we could get credit for the grace period and pay just for the days after that. I was told, however, that once the grace period ends, the full penalty is due.

According to the Bible, we live in the age of grace. God is withholding His judgment because He doesn't not want anyone to perish. But someday the period of grace will suddenly be over and it will be time to "pay the fine" for the wages of sin.

During this age of grace, we must acknowledge our sinfulness to God and put our faith in Jesus Christ, who has already taken the complete penalty on Himself. But if we die without receiving Christ as Savior, or if He returns and we've rejected Him, the "grace period" will be over and we will be judged for all our sin.

Have you asked Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and to be your Savior? If not, don't wait. No one knows when the grace period will end. God's offer of saving grace is available for a limited time only.


We're familiar with grace which saves, but grace does much more. It trains us, "to live now in a wise and right way. . . ." Something told Paul the Cretans needed such instruction. Something tells me that we do too. Verse 12 teaches the operation of grace in the lives of those who have received it [i.e. grace-Jesus-salvation]. ¡§Instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age.¡¨

Salvation not only sets a person free from sin but it also gives a new attitude, appetite, ambition and action. The grace of salvation instructs or trains. The Greek word for instruct is where our word pedagogue and pedagogy find their origin [ƒ²ƒpƒ¤ƒxƒzƒÒƒß]. A pedagogue leads children step by step. Grace too, gently leads and guides. Grace instructs by teaching, disciplining, counseling, encouraging, admonishing, guiding, convicting, rewarding and restraining. The saving grace of God functions through education and experience.

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