Summary: Message 9 uses the day the Exodus began as an example of how God keeps his promises and how He leads us through the wilderness of temptation, trial and tears to make us strong. It also shows that Jesus is our cloud and fire to guide and guard us,.

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Exodus 12:31-42; 13:17-22

D. Salvation from Egypt

4. The Coming Out

In one night the nation of Israel was born. In one night the church of the living God was formed. In Genesis we have individuals - Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - worshipping God. In Exodus 1-11 we have families in Egypt’s ghetto - Goshen, worhipping God. But in Exodus 12-13 we have God’s nation.

When Israel walked out of Egypt, in her divisions (12:41), with her leaders, with wealth to build their church, the Tabernacle, and with three religious festivals - Passover, Unleavened Bread and Dedication of the Firstborn (Ex. 11-13), for the first time on earth, we see God’s organized church. Stephen called it “The church in the wilderness” (Acts 7:38, KJV).


1. The Israelites

Two groups of people went out of Egypt, the Hebrews and some “other people” (12:38) called a ”mixed multitude” in the King James. Six hundred thousand Hebrew men walked out of Egypt that night, so with women and children, the total was about two million.

This was in fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham over 500 years before. He told him his descendants would be like stars, too many to count (Gen. 15:5). They came into Egypt a seventy member family (Ex. 1:1 ff.) came out 430 years later a two million member nation.

This amazing growth was a miracle. This was the work of God. This was the fulfillment of prophecy. This was God keeping His word to one man. Egypt tried to stop this amazing growth. All her powers were hurled against God’s plan but to no avail. The Jews and Romans tried to destroy the First Century church, but learned, like Egypt, God is in charge. The church is an anvil that breaks all the world’s hammers.

2. The Mixed Multitude (12:38)

Some non-Hebrews went along. Whether they were disgruntled Egyptians, other slaves or foreigners, we do not know. What we do know is that they were trouble makers in God’s church. Numbers 11:4 calls them “rabble” (NIV, Amplified) as they were the first to despise God’s manna and long for Egypt and its stew pots.

Application: The church has always had its counterfeit members - the unsaved sitting on pews, singing in the choir and in places of leadership. Jesus had His Judas. The early church had Ananias and Sapphira who lied in church and dropped dead (Acts 5). The church in the First Century had preachers who preached a false gospel (Gal. 1:6-9). Jesus predicted the devil would sow look alike weeds (tares) among God’s wheat (Matt. 13).

Why? When people point out ungodly church members to me I ask them, “If you were the devil and wanted to hurt the church, where would you put your best servants; in the bars or in the pews and pulpits and classes and committees and business meetings of the church.

Mrs. O’Hare the world's most famous atheist tears pages out of the Bible and mocks Jesus, but I have more respect for her than a foul mouthed, dishonest, mean church member who keeps on praying in church and teaching his or her Sunday School class.

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