Summary: When choosing a board to lead your church make sure they come under the scrutiny of Gods Word.

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Scriptural Qualifications For Leadership

1Timothy 3: 8-10 Rev. R. B. Hughes


1 Timothy 3 gives us qualifications for two reasons:

1. To provide guidelines in local churches in leadership selection. (Acts 6)

2. To give spiritual leaders a checkpoint for their own spiritual lives.

1Cor. 9:27 ... "I buffet my body and make it my slave, lest possibly after I preach to

others I myself should be disqualified."

* What a tragedy this can be.

Scriptural Qualification Of Church Leaders

1. Men of dignity, serious (V. 8a)

- feet on the ground

a. Worthy of respect.

- How get it? ... become truly spiritual men

- If people don’t respect you, they won’t follow you.

* They may like you ... but they won’t necessarily follow you.

* They may not like you ... yet respect you ... still follow you.

b. Person worth imitating .. (follow me as I follow Christ)

c. Serious about their responsibilities.

- Their responsibility ... not themselves.

2. Truthful , Not double tongued (V.8)

*They do not say one thing to one person and something else to another

ILL/ Pastor giving marriage counseling .. brought along assistant

- Husband : Pastor .. you’re so right, you’re so right .... Prayed

- Wife: Pastor ... you’re so right, you’re so right ... Prayed

ASST.: Both can’t be right!!

Pastor: You’re so right, you’re so right ...

Allen Redpath: Passion For Preaching ... test for his words

T Is it TRUE ? ... Must begin here.




K Is it KIND ? .... Love is ....

Board member needs seasoned speech.

Board member .... Constantly represent me & the church

* Buckets of Gas & Water

Listen: You can’t get your words back!!!!!

3. Abstainer (V.8)

- must be put in context

- I understand that scripture teaches moderation

* Jewish people diluted their drinking wine

* This is a qualification I hold to very strongly.

* We are a holiness Church.

Alcohol is a factor in nearly 1/2 of North Americas murders, suicides & accidental deaths.

It claims 25x more lives per year than illegal drugs.

Rom. 14:20-21

4. Not Greedy For Material (V.8)

- Not a graspy greedy personality

* Church leaders must make decisions about the congregation’s finances.

- If you are greedy it will come out in the board meetings.

- If anything kills me it’s greedy people

We church leaders must not ...

a. Acts as if it’s ours or Churches money

- seen treasurers think it’s there money!

- Thankful for our treasurer

b. Not be careless in money. Flippant.

- sensible & serious

c. Withhold our personal tithe

- Dealing with Gods’ money & robbing Him?

- One of the few I would check for tithe. (Leaders)

5. Biblically Sound (V.9)

* A church leader must ...

a. Living a godly life = "clear conscience"

b. Knowing Gods Word = "hold firmly"

* Result? .... Decisions based on biblical principles.

6. Tested And Proven (V.10)

- Year as a member

Step #1 = Prayer & Worship - Heart for God.

Step #2 = Membership - Heart for the Church.

Step #3 = Ministry - Heart for the people.

Step #4 = Leadership - Heart for the Pastor.

Proven!!! Tested!!! Not a Novice!!!! Not a flash in the pan!!!

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