Summary: When choosing a board to lead your church make sure they come under the scrutiny of Gods Word.

Scriptural Qualifications For Leadership

1Timothy 3: 8-10 Rev. R. B. Hughes


1 Timothy 3 gives us qualifications for two reasons:

1. To provide guidelines in local churches in leadership selection. (Acts 6)

2. To give spiritual leaders a checkpoint for their own spiritual lives.

1Cor. 9:27 ... "I buffet my body and make it my slave, lest possibly after I preach to

others I myself should be disqualified."

* What a tragedy this can be.

Scriptural Qualification Of Church Leaders

1. Men of dignity, serious (V. 8a)

- feet on the ground

a. Worthy of respect.

- How get it? ... become truly spiritual men

- If people don’t respect you, they won’t follow you.

* They may like you ... but they won’t necessarily follow you.

* They may not like you ... yet respect you ... still follow you.

b. Person worth imitating .. (follow me as I follow Christ)

c. Serious about their responsibilities.

- Their responsibility ... not themselves.

2. Truthful , Not double tongued (V.8)

*They do not say one thing to one person and something else to another

ILL/ Pastor giving marriage counseling .. brought along assistant

- Husband : Pastor .. you’re so right, you’re so right .... Prayed

- Wife: Pastor ... you’re so right, you’re so right ... Prayed

ASST.: Both can’t be right!!

Pastor: You’re so right, you’re so right ...

Allen Redpath: Passion For Preaching ... test for his words

T Is it TRUE ? ... Must begin here.




K Is it KIND ? .... Love is ....

Board member needs seasoned speech.

Board member .... Constantly represent me & the church

* Buckets of Gas & Water

Listen: You can’t get your words back!!!!!

3. Abstainer (V.8)

- must be put in context

- I understand that scripture teaches moderation

* Jewish people diluted their drinking wine

* This is a qualification I hold to very strongly.

* We are a holiness Church.

Alcohol is a factor in nearly 1/2 of North Americas murders, suicides & accidental deaths.

It claims 25x more lives per year than illegal drugs.

Rom. 14:20-21

4. Not Greedy For Material (V.8)

- Not a graspy greedy personality

* Church leaders must make decisions about the congregation’s finances.

- If you are greedy it will come out in the board meetings.

- If anything kills me it’s greedy people

We church leaders must not ...

a. Acts as if it’s ours or Churches money

- seen treasurers think it’s there money!

- Thankful for our treasurer

b. Not be careless in money. Flippant.

- sensible & serious

c. Withhold our personal tithe

- Dealing with Gods’ money & robbing Him?

- One of the few I would check for tithe. (Leaders)

5. Biblically Sound (V.9)

* A church leader must ...

a. Living a godly life = "clear conscience"

b. Knowing Gods Word = "hold firmly"

* Result? .... Decisions based on biblical principles.

6. Tested And Proven (V.10)

- Year as a member

Step #1 = Prayer & Worship - Heart for God.

Step #2 = Membership - Heart for the Church.

Step #3 = Ministry - Heart for the people.

Step #4 = Leadership - Heart for the Pastor.

Proven!!! Tested!!! Not a Novice!!!! Not a flash in the pan!!!

Effective in ministry & relationships!

Verse 11 .... Women likewise ..... YES WOMEN!!

7. Godly Homes (V.12)

- No polygamy

- Wife must support!!! People, Church, Pastor, .....

** WIFE CRIED!!! ... I knew it was wrong!!!

Godly home is where....

1. Husband loves wife as Christ loves the Church. (unconditional)

2. Unconditional love is felt (prodigal home!!!)

3. Parents are examples of Christian living

4. Time is spent with family in Word & prayer.

5. Every opportunity is provided for spiritual growth

Abraham blessing to the world depended on his blessing his family!!

8. Servants Heart (V.13)

- Position & Power??

Josh. 19:49

"When they finished apportioning the land for the inheritance by its borders, the

sons of Israel gave an inheritance in their midst to Joshua, the son of Nun."

* "Basin Theology"

- Pilate used the basin to be removed from his responsibilities

- Jesus used the basin to add to his responsibilities


How many options are you willing to give up?

- I get more concerned when a board member misses church

- .......... not a giver

- .......... doesn’t support the church

My kids gladly obey when I suggest something they want to do.

- Guarantee no fights if going to McDonalds!!

- I want them to obey in hard times too ..... Not grudgingly!!! (Standing inside)

9. Good Reputation (V.13)

*Unlike pastors/teachers in the first seven verses, there’s no mention of spiritual gifts.

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