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Summary: If you were being arrested for soulwinning, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Our Lord emphasized the importance and art of soulwinning. Let’s examine it together!


If you were being arrested because someone accused you of being a soulwinner, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

I know what everyone is thinking, "Isn’t that the responsibility of the Pastor, the Staff, the Deacons..." or "Shouldn’t this be left to a professional?" Yes and No!

Regardless of ones position in life we all are called to bring others to Jesus Christ. Each of us have our role in the process. For example just as Paul said, "Some will plant while others water..."

Jesus illustrates this in the Sea Side Story of the Sower and uses this to prompt us to action!

Main Division

I. The Responsibility Of The Sower (1-3)

II. The Reliability Of The Seed (4-8)

III. The Receptivity Of The Soil (9-34)

Conclusion: Let’s all be Sea Side Sowers!

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