Summary: As Christians…we have witnessed God’s grace in our lives and many times in those who are close to us. Every week… Because of God’s love for mankind…people like you and I get the opportunity to walk out of the church a changed person! For some…this c

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As Christians…we have witnessed God’s grace in our lives and many times in those who are close to us.

Every week… Because of God’s love for mankind…people like you and I get the opportunity to walk out of the church a changed person!

For some…this change is easy to accept…while for others even knowing they have been forgiven…the change is challenging.

I recently ran across a show on Netflix called… “One Nation under God”

The plot of the show focused on 4… 20 year old Christian college guys from Dallas…

These four young men were trying to reveal that knowing God… is more than just a religion…rather it’s about relationship?

This simple concept (religion vs. relationship) has created a wedge between people and Jesus for centuries…

Most people have an opinion of who Jesus is…but that is where what they think they now stops!

I have come to realize that the majority of people in life are simply complacent with the idea of just living their lives.

But what is sad to me is... (That the majority)…meaning the ones who don’t know about Jesus’ life changing power He offers.

Even those who are living right here in Hobbs…will live their whole lives without knowing Jesus…die and then spend the rest of eternity in Hell.

That bothers me…how about you?

Thinking about that…what would you be willing to do to help people learn about Jesus?

It bothered the four college students so much… that during their 2008 summer break… they decide to go a spiritual journey across the United States… and create the movie “One Nation under God”

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And as they traveled…they stopped in various locations to ask people questions like… who was Jesus and -what happens to people when they die… -what do you know about Christianity?

And in all honesty I was shocked by some of the answers that people gave them.

Living in a smaller community like Hobbs…we often feel like that the truth of message has at least shared with everyone at least once.

But after viewing this DVD movie…

Clearly we live in a world that has become very distant from the truth that is found in the Bible.

A world where people are more concerned with materialism and self fulfillment… than obedience and life change.

A world that really does not care about Jesus or the Bible…

I can understand the people in the world who have never heard the truth…but for Christians who week after week hear the truth.

And still chose to live their lives in an unworthy manner…What does God think about them?

What is it about the name of Jesus that causes so much contradiction and challenge in our world today?

I would like to share with you a couple of responses from some of the people the young men interviewed as they traveled around the US…

One of the people interview shared that Jesus was just a fabricated story that had been made up just to scare people…

Another person shared that all people were placed on earth for a purpose… and if you fail to accomplish (your purpose) during your life time…you were forced to come back again (reincarnation) and finish what you were asked to do.

Many were asked the question …to give their opinion of what being a Christian today meant?

And almost every person answered the same regarding Christianity by sharing these two words…

Hypocritical…and Judgmental.

This caught my attention…..How many of us who call ourselves Christians…Are living our lives (in the public’s eye) in a Christ like manner???

Matthew 7:1… Tells us… “Judge not, that you be not judged”

This is why life change is so important…

But if we are going to be the ones who are reaching the lost in our world…we need to be looking at people like Jesus would.

If you truly want to see people get saved and live the rest of their lives for Christ…you have got to live a life set apart from the world’s standards…

Every time God shares a message with the church that hits close to home like… drinking…drug use…or life change.

People feel personally attacked…

If you have had a true life change…your desire to do these things…STOPS…

But if you continue to do them around the world…you are sharing the wrong message of Christ.

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There was a survey was taken in 2008…

As a result…35,000 Americans were questioned regarding their religious beliefs.

57 % of those surveyed who claiming to be E-van-gelical Christians…

We’re willing to publically admit that their religion might not be the only path to salvation…

My first thought was where in the world do these people go to Church? And if you know anyone going there…get them out…………

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