Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Samuel learned early in life what it took to succeed with God, and it made all the difference in the world.

ATTENTION: No one sets out to fail. A recent series of

advertisements for an Internet company

portrayed children speaking facetiously

about their mediocre aspirations for the

future. As much as we laugh at these

absurdities, the sad reality is that a lot

of folks live this way in their Christian


NEED: Believers must determine early if they will

succeed in faith or simply dabble in


TEXTUAL IDEA: Samuel succeeded as a servant of God

because he was available to God.

SERMON IDEA: We can succeed as God’s servants when we

make ourselves available to God.

TRANSITION: The Bible shows us four areas of

availability that God can use.

DIVISION ONE: We can be available by being in the

right place (vv.1-2).

DIVISION TWO: We can be available by being willing to

serve (vv.3-8a).

DIVISION THREE: We can be available by being prepared

to listen (vv.8b-14).

DIVISION FOUR: We can be available by being obedient

in spite of the consequences (vv.15-21).

CONCLUSION: God calls believers to follow him and

serve him today. It may be in areas of high

visibility or virtual invisibility. It may

be a calling to praise and respect, or it

may be a calling to ridicule and scorn.

Regardless of the outcome, success is

defined in terms of faithful obedience. It

means being in the right place, being

willing to serve, being prepared to listen,

being obedient no matter what the

consequences. Samuel learned these lessons.

We can learn them, too.

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