Summary: I usually feel very privileged and honoured when people share their secrets with me. I mean "their own" secrets, not those of others (gossip)! This is because it's an indication or proof of trust.

Secret Place - Holy Ghost

Psalms 91:1 - He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I usually feel very privileged and honoured when people share their secrets with me. I mean "their own" secrets, not those of others (gossip)! This is because it's an indication or proof of trust. No one opens their secret to someone they don't trust. It also put a level of responsibility upon me as a confidant. It means I am a custodian of someone's vital and sensitive information and cannot afford to be frivolous with what they've kept in my charge. It is also very interesting to know that every individual, group or multitude of people have one secret or another that only a few selected individuals are privy to. Most nations of the world have a secret service agency - CIA, KGB, MI5, etc- which consist of few individuals with sworn and proven allegiance to their nations. These secret service agents are exposed to certain level of national secrets because of the trust the state has in them.

In order to keep secrets secret it is usually shared in a private place. A place of limited access.

In our generation where secrets have become obsolete. With the internet being littered by what should ideally be intimate secrets. So the whole world now knows what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner because of twitter, Facebook, bbm, etc. Even the secret parts of your bodies are no longer secret. You post pictures that show the world parts of your body that are meant to be secret and expect to be valued as a lady.. Ohhhh! I just touched on a raw nerve there! Yes! Pull your pants and skirts up! Cover your nakedness!

I stumbled on some fundamental truths from the bible passage above that I would love to share with someone.

1. "HE" that dwelleth.. Long before now I had thought, and quoted this verse wrongly. I had for whatever reason quoted it as "They that dwelleth.." Instead of "He that dwelleth.." Now there's a big difference between the two! "They" is a plural term used to represent more than one, a group or multitude of people. It is generally used for more than one whilst "he" is used for just one person. It is vital to know that for you to have access into heavenly secrets you would have to go alone. He that dwelleth.. not "They"! Most of us want to access the secrets of God and His kingdom but we don't like being alone. I'm not sure if anyone would share their secrets with me if I bring another person into it. Jesus Christ would leave the multitude and even his closest disciple to be with God ALONE. Alone means all one! No distractions from phone or any other social network access.

2. ..Dwelleth.. To dwell mean to stay on something or somewhere for awhile, to abide in a location, to spend more time on something or in a place. Dwelling is different from visiting or passing through. In our day and age of microwave Christianity, no one wants to dwell. Everyone wants go just come in and get whatever they can and go. Drive-by or Drive-through Christianity! No commitment! We have turned out preachers into performers. Sit in our highly exalted seats with our legs crossed and analyse what the preacher or minister is doing. If they don't bring the kind of excitement we desire we call them dry. If they preach or minister too long we get upset and don't come again! How am I going to get you out of a mess you've been in for 20years of your life in 45mins?! ..all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. Job 14:14.

2. My emphasis today is on "..the secret place of the most High.." It is interesting to know that the most high has a secret place. A place of restricted access. A place where He hides His secrets from ordinary eyes. This place is more a spiritual location than a geographical one. It is a place where decisions that manifest in the physical are taken. God let Abraham into this secret place in Genesis 18:17-19 when He shared with Abraham what He was about to do to Sodom. Secret place! Jesus took Peter, James and John to the mount of transfiguration and showed them secret things. Secret place! Not only would God share His secrets with you in the secret place, He would keep your own secrets as well. I know you are missionary Wilson and Evangelist Fireman and you don't have no secrets but some of us have things that we can't put on Facebook, BBM or Twitter! There are things in your life that if it ever became public you would lose the respect and audience of your followers. You know church folks are mean! They never forgive their own. Check out every church leader or pastor whose secrets came out in the open and watch how his colleagues in ministry would react to him. Even when God has forgiven him we would still not allow him into our churches. His own congregation and followers would turn and find another shepherd for themselves. "Why are you still going to that man's church? Didn't you hear he is an adulterer!" "Hmmm.. I'm not so sure about the anointing on that Pastor anymore! His anger problem was exposed by his wife". Unfortunately we have killed too many men of God by our expectations. We expect that they are perfect and would never be tempted or would never sin. Sadly most of these men (who are men of like passion like you and I) live their life trying to live up to our expectations of them. So, even when they are drowning in sin they dare not share it with anyone! We've made them supermen that are not fallible so when we discover their faults we are so disappointed that we can not forgive them. Secret places! Forgive me but I'm still working towards perfection! I still tell a lie once in a while, I still get very angry and want to give someone a "piece of my mind"! Forgive me but I still feel the urge to do certain things when I'm with my fiancée! I know you're Holy through and through but please pray for me as I'm still going through my go through! Even our men of God don't help themselves at all. They want to keep their superman status and feel a sense of false security and importance. Secret places!

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