Summary: This is a New Year’s sermon.


Luke 8:4-15


1. New Year’s resolutions. Why bother?

2. The motive of your heart is a major factor in your success or failure in keeping with your commitments.

3. In this parable: The sower represents God. The seed represents God’s Word. The soils represent people’s hearts.

Which one fits you?

The Closed Heart

Luke 8:5

1. The soil was very hard.

2. The seed laid on top until it was eaten by the birds.

3. This represents a hardened and closed heart. This is a lost person.

The Careless Heart

Luke 8:6

1. There was some soil amongst the rocks, but not enough.

2. The sun beat down on the plant and it withered.

3. This soil represents the person that made a superficial decision. The Word never took root in their life.

The Crowded Heart

Luke 8:7

1. This seed that fell among thorns represents the heart that is full of rival crops.

2. This seed takes root in good soil, but the weeds choke it out.

3. Jesus tells us in verse 14 what chokes out God’s word in our lives. Worries, riches, and pleasures.

The Cultivated Heart

Luke 8:8

1. This heart is ready to receive the seed and lets it grow.

2. This heart produces a crop- a spiritual fruit.

3. Here is the fruit.

Galatians 5:22-23


1. Which soil represents your life?

2. Will you let God working your life?

3. In order for things to change in your life you must let God work.

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