Summary: What it will take to make it.


Worship is not an option, it is an obligation; it is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

The one thing that the church can do that no other assembly can do is to worship God and glorify Him.

A. Human nature being what it is, we do not naturally want to seek after God and

get nearer to Him.

B. Our seeming success --- "The church is going along fine . . . "

C. A return to worship could be a threat to the preacher:

1. who enjoys being important and playing God in the lives of people.

2. who has a perfected sermon system that gives him an acceptable outline

week after week.

3. who is a good platform man and can keep things moving so that the

congregation is interested and entertained.

D. A return to worship can be a threat to the church musician/song leader

1. who would rather perform than minister.

2. who has no intention of bringing his weekday life into line with his Sunday profession.

E. A return to worship can be a threat to the church member who does not want

to be disturbed.

He fills his place faithfully week after week, he pays his tithes, he works in the church now and then; but what happens at church has no relationship with the rest of his life.


A. W. Tozer said, " If God took His Holy Spirit out of this world, what we are doing

would go right on and nobody would know the difference."

The greatest judgment God would pass on the churches today would be to take His hands off

and let them go right on doing what they are doing.

A. You begin at home

B. Take time. True worship takes time.

When praise and gratitude wither and decay, it is because we have been

concentrating on the wrong things. James S. Stewart Classic Sermons on Worship

C. Get rid of extra luggage and start carrying only the burdens that he assigns us.

D. Be patient

E. Let it start with you One song begets another, and the spark of praise leaps from

heart to heart. One man with praise to God in his soul will start others singing who

would never have thought of raising the song themselves.

James S. Stewart Classic Sermons on Worship

The real servant of humanity today is the man whose life breathes praise. Keep

sounding that note, and even when you do not know it, others will be facing life more

valiantly because of you, and they may be thanking God that you were born.

James S. Stewart Classic Sermons on Worship

F. Do not be discouraged.

When you are transformed by worship, you will not be able to please everybody, nor should you try.


George H. Morrison Classic Sermons on Worship

A. No Jew came to his worship empty-handed.

B. David would not give God that which had cost him nothing. II Samuel 24:24

Those know not what religion is whose chief care it is to make it cheap and easy to

themselves, and who are best pleased with that which costs them least pains

or money. M. H.

C. Zaccheus cried, " I give!" Luke 19

D. First be reconciled to your brother. Matt. 5:23

Now mark that Jesus is talking about worship.

A sacrifice of pride must occur. It is far easier to give up a coin than it is to give up a

quarrel. It is easier to lay down a generous offering than to lay down a long-continued

grudge. GHM

The worship of the church is more important than your pride.

E. Worship is not easy. It is very hard. It is not a comfortable hour on Sunday with

beautiful music and a fluent preacher. It is an attitude of heart and soul that is

impossible without self-denial.


In public worship, we are not simply hearers; we are a fellowship of Christian people.

You go to a lecture just to hear the lecturer, or you go to the theater just to see a play.

It does not matter who is beside you. They are nothing to you and you are nothing

to them. Not one of them would do anything for you, or seek to help you if you

were in difficulty, or go to visit you if you were sick, or try to cheer you in the evil day.

George H. Morrison Classic Sermons on Worship


James S. Stewart Classic Sermons on Worship

A. How should worship be?

It is this: if you want to learn anything about worship and its relevance to life, try to

overhear the worship of the saints in heaven. The church militant on earth must capture

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