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Summary: Paul sends Timothy to the church of Thessolonians.




Introductory remarks had been made in chapter one. Thanks had been given and Paul pointed out the strengths of this young church that was dear unto him. He made them aware of the reasoning, and suddenness of his departure from Thessalonica. In chapter two, Paul answered many of the accusations that had been brought against him. He expressed his care and concern for the church in that he had acted like a nurse, or mother, and as a father wanting this group of people to obtain their full potential. He then explained the Jewish disapproval of the message that he carried so faithfully. Now it was time to establish and comfort these young Christian in their walk of faith.


A. Paul's Concern --> Paul had traveled to Berea from Thessalonica and then on to Athens.Seeing a need to encourage the church, Paul desires to be with them. However, it appears that he was not allowed this privilege. Therefore, he does the next best thing .He sends someone in his place. It appears Timothy was allowed to travel back to Thessalonica to encourage the saints.

1. Could no longer forbear

B. Timothy's Character (v. 2)

1. God uses men to strengthen the church. Paul sent

Timothy. Paul sent Timothy not so much as to inspect the church, but to help the church. It should be the great aim of every parent, every teacher and every preacher, not so much to criticize and condemn those in his charge or their faults and mistakes, but to save them from these faults and mistakes.

The Christian attitude to the sinner and the struggler must never be that of

condemnation but always that of help. W.B.

2. What kind of a person can help younger believers grow

in the Lord?

a. He must be a Christian himself.

b. He must be a servant.

c. He must be a team larborer". Not a glory hound.

*If every church member would "adopt" a new Christian, encourage him, teach him, and fellowship him, there would be fewer spiritual casualties. W. W.

C. The Church's Conflict (v. 3-5)

1. "Appointed to afflictions" (not wrath)

We must warn new believers that the way is not easy as they seek to live for Christ; otherwise, when trials come, these babes in Christ will be discouraged and defeated.

2. Tribulations will come. "it came to pass" (not the

tribulation period)Define suffer tribulation:

2346 thlibo trouble, afflct, throng, suffer tribulation

To press like grapes

To narrow straitened, contracted

II Tim. 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

I Peter 2:21 For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps:

I Peter 4:12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

3. Don't be moved.

4525 saino

To wag the tail of a dog

To agitate, disturb, trouble


A. Timothy's report

Timothy met Paul at Corinth (Acts 18:5) and gave him the glad news that things were going well at Thessalonica. They desired to see them.

B. Paul's response to this report ---The writing of I Thess.

C. We live. - It would have been a killing thing to the

apostles if the professors of religion

had been unsteady, or proved apostates; whereas nothing was more encouraging than their constancy. M. H.


A. We joy for you.

It is happy when there is much mutual love between minister

and people. This tends to promote religion, and the success of the gospel. The world hates them, and therefore they should love one

another. M. H.

B. We pray:

1. To see your face

2. To perfect (mature) that which is lacking

Define Perfect 2675 katartizo To render, i. e. to fit, sound. Complete

Ethically: to strengthen, perfect, complete,

Make one what he has to be

a. "these tribulations are working patience"

Faith that can not be tested cannot be trusted.


b. "the Lord is coming" --- we wish to teach you the

specifics to help you

The best of men have something wanting in their faith, if not as to the matter of it, there being some mysteries or doctrines not sufficiently known or Abelieved

by them, yet as to the clearness and certainty of their faith, there being

some remaining darkness and doubtings, or at least as to the effects and operations of

it, these being not so conspicuous and perfect as they should be. M.H.

3. To see you increase and abound in love.

4. To see you established in holiness in light of the return of Christ.

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