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Summary: Pentecostal Methods of Worship


What is Worship? Worship occurs 188 times in the Bible

Hebrew definition of Worship in Old Testament = 07812

Greek definition of Worship in New Testament = 4352

Scriptures on Worship with bow

Scriptures on Worship with falling down on Face to Worship:

Why do men fall down? Does God require us to fall down?

What is the only creature on Earth that must fall down to worship?

What is the only creature on Earth that walks upright?

Scriptures on Worshipping in the Beauty of Holiness:

Hebrew Definition of Holiness in Old Testament = 06944

Miscellaneous scriptures on Worship such as "worship at His footstool".

What are some of the denominational influences on worship?

What are some of the childhood and adulthood influences on worship?

What are some of the worship backgrounds of the people? List and Define.





Old Regular Baptist


Acknowledge influences, but then how should this Body of Christ Worship?

What were some of your greatest moments of Worship? When? Where? How?

Have you ever become dissatisfied with worship? Why?

What were you doing or not doing?

Is worship necessary?

Can't we do with or without it?

Is worship "charismatic"?

What is charismatic?

According to Dictionary definition: Possessing charisma.

Then what is charisma? 1. An extraordinary spiritual grace that benefits others.

2. Extraordinary personal power or charm.

Is this the "charismatic" that we talk about in church? NO!!!!

According to Vine's Dictionary of New Testament Words: Charisma = a gift of grace, a gift involving grace (charis) on the part of God as the Donor, is used:

(a) of His free bestowments upon sinners

(b) of His endowments upon believers by the operation of the Holy Spirit in the churches


To the best of my understanding, strictly speaking by definition of terms, charismatic means the practice of the gifts of the Spirit.

In this sense of definition, anyone who believes and practices the operation of the gifts of the Spirit can be defined as being charismatic.

But, what we see as being charismatic is an abuse of the above definition. We live in a time when anyone can live any way and claim to be operating in the gifts of the Spirit.

It appears to me that some of these individuals have steered away from just calling themselves Pentecostal, which we see as incorporating the gifts of the Spirit, to preferring a term that implies the use of the gifts with no commitment to lifestyle.

Also, the use of the term Holiness, as we perceive it, has been abandoned because again it involves the defining of a clean, separated lifestyle. They want the benefit of the gifts without a commitment to "come out from among them and be ye separate".

What does all this have to do with us?

Can we worship without fear of being called a "charismatic"?

I believe we are losing the God given (or better yet commanded) opportunity to worship for fear of being branded as charismatic. We have escaped the labeling perhaps, but in doing so, we have also abandoned our liberty to worship.


For each act of worship suggested, answer these questions.

1. Is it Biblical? 2. Is it Reasonable? 3. Is it Acceptable?


--- Praises

--- Prayers

--- Singing --- Use Scriptures on Singing and Songs both Old and New Testament

--- Tongues

--- Screaming, Screeching, Yelling, Whoops -Some what similar

when your team scores

Physical Expressions (other than vocal)

--- Walking

--- Leaping

Acts 3:8-10 And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.

9And all the people saw him walking and praising God:

10And they knew that it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful gate of the temple: and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him.

--- Running

--- Running Pews

--- Weeping

--- Crawling

--- Laying

--- Dancing

--- Shaking, Quivering

--- Shouting?

Hebrew Definitions of Shout in the Old Testament = 07321 & 08643 & 07442

Greek Definitions of Shout in the New Testament =2019 & 2752

Music in the Church?

Is it Biblical?

Is it Reasonable?

Is it Acceptable?

If one were to take the position that only those things which Scriptures specifically allows are allowable and those which Scripture does not specifically mention are prohibited then the perimeters of musical practice in the New Testament would be severely limited. There are two basic reasons why this cannot be the case and why the "philosophy" of church music in the NT is, in fact, exceedingly broad.

First, the OT was still considered the scriptural authority for the Early Church ( II Tim 3:16-17). Hence its broad principles and practices were normative, though now Christ-centered. Second, by maintaining the perspective on righteousness, faith and lawfulness inherent in God's revelation throughout the OT, the writers of the NT are careful to maintain these by extension. Hence Paul's conclusion in Romans 14 that nothing is impure in itself is an extension and a further filling out of the concept of the goodness of creation found early in Genesis. To Paul, the ultimate right was to avoid the offense of one's own conscience or that of his neighbor, by the superiority of quality of life over categories of creation. Zondervan Pictorial Encyc. of the Bible pg 318 Music

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