Summary: 1 of 6. Thru prayer, Jesus sought to secure the success of His mission. But How? 20 measures securing the success of Jesus’ mission. Securing the Success of Jesus’ mission involves...

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This chapter is the last bit of teaching from Jesus’ mouth. It is a prayer which appears to have been prayed just before Jesus & His disciples left Jerusalem for the Garden of Gethsemane.

The high Priestly Prayer took place on Thursday evening during the Passover Meal. Jesus would go to the Cross the next day on Friday.

“the supper of chapter 13, which occurred on the first evening of the feast of the Passover, was the regular Passover Supper, of which Jesus partook at the regular time, Thursday evening.....he was crucified on friday, the fifteenth of Nisan.”—William Hendricksen

Summary of Chapters 13-16:

1. (13:1-17)—Jesus takes lays aside His garments, girds Himself with a towel(as would servants), pours water into a basin, & proceeds to wash & dry the feet of His disciples. by this action, Jesus exemplfies/pictures the servile attitude by which His closest followers will distinguish themselves.

2. (13:18-30)—Jesus reveals that His betrayer is present in their midst & is a partaker of the Supper with them.

3. (13:31-35)—Jesus issues the new commandment to love one another as He had loved them.

4. (13:36-38)—Jesus predicates that Peter will deny Him by the time the morning is announced by the rooster’s crowing.

5. (14:1—16:33)—14—Jesus instructs His disciples regarding the imminence of His departure; His being the Way, Truth & Life; The Father is seen in Him; The impending new significance of prayer; The promise of the Helper/Spirit of Truth/Holy Spirit’s coming; 15—His being the True Vine in which His disciples must abide; The significance of abiding in His love & experiencing His joy; The significance of their bearing fruit a remaining fruit; The hatred of the world will be directed toward them; The significance of their bearing witness; 16—The significance of their being kept from stumbling, though faced with physical death; The advantage of His departure, in sending the Helper/Spirit of Truth; Their impending sorrow which will be followed by great joy; The summing up of these things in affecting the disciple’s peace in overcoming the world.




Jesus’ prayer in the Upper Room reflected the means to securing the success of His mission.

The success of Jesus’ mission is secured.

How is the success of Jesus’ mission secured?

What secures the success of Jesus’ mission?

18 measures for securing the success of Jesus’ mission.

1—Securing the Success of Jesus’ mission involves...

The Ultimate CONTACT(:1)


:1—“Jesus spoke these words, lifted up His eyes to heaven, & said: “Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You,””

“Lifting up His eyes”—Prayer of supplication & intercession is beginning. Looking to God the Father to satisfy His will. That Jesus’ effort/mission should not fail to produce a crop.

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