Summary: How do we get encouraged as Christians?

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we will continue with our study of 1 Samuel next week. We will worship with Communion today and look at 2 mothers in God’s Word.

Please open your Bibles to 2 Timothy 1……. Look at v5….

God spoke through the Apostle Paul and we read:

1. Timothy had faith in Jesus Christ! and what else do we note?

2. Timothy’s grandmother and mother were Believers of Jesus Christ.

And because Paul noted them,

3. Timothy’s grandmother and mother were known by Paul and they impacted him! The Apostle Paul was impacted by christian mothers not his own! We don't read anything about Paul's personal mother but we read a grandmother and a mother Paul commended.

How was Timothy impacted by his grandmother, mother, and Paul? Please turn back briefly to 1 Timothy 1….. Read along with me v1-4…

1. Timothy was a strong Believer of Jesus Christ!

2. Timothy became a Teacher/Pastor for Jesus Christ!

Now, let’s go back to 2 Timothy 1 and note why God reminded timothy of his mother and grandmother.

Read along with me 2 Timothy 1:1-14….

Why did God remind Timothy of his mother and grandmother?

v3-4? Timothy needed encouragement! We note that Timothy needed prayers for he had been having difficulties that brought him to tears! Christian ministry and even by just being a Christian in this world can sometimes be very difficult. Timothy needed prayers and encouragement and reminders of God's love through his mom and grandmother.

v5: Timothy experienced from his mother and grandmother how to live the Christian life!

And so, what was Timothy to do as he struggles with his Christian life?

v6: fan into flame the gift of God! What does this mean?

Encouragement in life comes with growth in the Christian faith!

Let us commit to this: Be reminded and know more and more God's love!

How was Timothy to grow in faith? – Remember the gift of God!

Timothy was gifted with:

1. hearing and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ (God's ultimate gift for man)

2. appointed and commissioned by church leaders

3. godly mother and grandmother

4. the example of the Apostle Paul (v4)

5. presence and power of the Holy Spirit (v & v14)

6. God’s Word (2 Tim. 3:14-15)

Let’s quickly apply these biblical principles for our lives today:

First of all, we all need encouragement! Like with Timothy,

1. As we personally grow in our Christian faith, we will be more encouraged!

How do we grow? Remember the gift of God! (see the list for Timothy)

Always remind yourself and know more and more God's love for you! God's love is everlasting; we can experience God's love every moment and forever!! Pause often to think about the goodness of God in everything!

Secondly, Timothy’s grandmother and mother were gifts to him because they were godly, biblical women.

2. Moms, the best gift you will ever give to your children is to live biblically and godly!

Moms and grandmoms, may you remember that the way you live will impact your children and it is never too late to be an example by sharing the gift of love from Jesus Christ! No matter what we’ve done wrong in the past, Jesus Christ has taken care of it for us and we must pursue following Christ!

And so,

3. The ultimate gift we can give to our moms is to be committed to follow Jesus Christ!

God is a relational God and so we are to be relational as well!

Our parents will impact us and as we become parents or aunts and uncles we are to impact those who follow us for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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