Summary: This sermon is a comparisson between what Joseph says to his brothers to encourage them on their way, and what the Lord has to say to us on our way in life.

Text: Genesis 45:24-28

Title: See That ye Fall Not Out by The Way

Intro; Before we go into the message let us establish the character of Joseph. He was a young man who went through the school of life, and could say he knew some things about the facts of life. He knew about...

1. The Troubles of Life.(Gen. 37:2)

a. Because of His brother’s wickedness.

2. The Temptations of Life.(Gen. 39:7-12)

a. Because of His boss’ wife.

3. The Trials of Life.(Gen.40:14,23&41:1)

a. Because of the butler and waiting.

4. The Triumph of Life.(Gen.41:40)

a. By the blessing of faithfulness.

Joseph knew that his brothers would face many distractions on the way home, because they were traveling the same road he had came. As he stood and watched them pull out of the drive he wanted to give some parting words of encouragement,so, he said," See that ye fall not out by the way". I believe we can gather a comparison in Joseph’s word, and what Jesus would say to usas we are going down the way of life. In this passage we can see four things they could remember to encourage them in and on the way.

We see they could be encouraged by...

I. His Position.(vv.26)

A. He is Alive.(Luke 24:4,6)

note; They all thought he was dead.

B. He has Authority.(vv.9& Jn. 5:26,27)

II. His Proclamation.(vv.9)

A. A Decreee to go.(Matt.28:18-20)

B. A Declaration to Give.(vv.13)

"Tell of my Glory"

III. His Provision.(vv.21)

"It is Enough"

A. For the Family.(vv.22,23)

note; There had been some children born and

some new marriges since Joseph had left. There

were enough provisions for

all the family to make it back.

B. For the Famine.(vv.11)

IV. His Promise.(vv.10,11)

A. Of the Land of Goshen.(Jn. 14:1-6)

note; This land was closer to him. His desire

was for the family to be close to him.

B. Of the Good Land.(vv.17,18: ICor. 2:9)

note; He wanted the best for the family.

Closing: We see a wonderful picture of the Lord as he encourages us to keep on going for him. We can almost see the Lord standing at the gates of heaven waving us on, and saying Don’t quit! Remember my power, my proclamation(the Gospel), my provisions, and my promises! These are some wondeful things to encourage our hearts in the way.

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